Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Here is another post I started weeks ago (mid-July), but never finished.  I need to feel it today.

Josie on her beloved balance bike at the beginning of the summer.  Just say "no" to training wheels, balance is where it is at!
Climbing a central Illinois "hill".
Finding the balance.
Feeling the speed.
The reason the entire family wears helmets.
Love helps one find their balance.

Rob's meditation this summer was walking his slack line in the park.

Parker painted quite a bit in the park this summer.  I asked him what the picture was, thinking he would say a drama mask.  He said, "This is a picture of Dema."  He really captured the yin and yang of his brother.

Speaking of balance.  Some days it is hard to have a different kind of balance.  It is easy to see what goes on in the world and get depressed.  Thank goodness for Michael Franti!


carey-olsen family said...

Love, love, love Parker's painting of Dema!

VeganLinda said...

Thanks! I love it too.