Monday, August 16, 2010

A Typical Summer Haul

I took pictures of our weekly grocery haul for my car free blog and thought I had to share it here as well to show our typical summer shopping.  Two pints of blueberries, a broccoli bunch, 4lb. package of tofu, large bag of peaches, a dozen ears of sweet corn, bag of grapes, loaf of bread, bag of okra, reusable grocery bag full of kale bunches, 1lbs. bag of mushrooms, bag of salad mix, two bags of frozen pizza dough, 3lb. bag of carrots, large watermelon, five summer squash, two onions, banana bunch, reusable bag full of nectarines/plums/and more peaches, bag of apples, and a container of miso. All the food is organic or locally grown/made or both.  It is all we will buy this week and the total was around $100 (I almost forgot, this includes a big bowl of soup and a couple rolls the kids ate at the co-op after shopping).  We have herbs, tomatoes, and peppers producing in the garden and usually receive some extras (zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, etc.) from neighbors' gardens as well.  We already have a very stocked pantry with organic dried beans, nuts, grains, oils, etc. Most of which we buy through the buying club we belong to.  We don't order every month, but it probably adds roughly $200 to our monthly grocery bill if I look at it annually.  We could probably get this amount lower, but we are pretty happy with our grocery bill at this time.  We are willing to put money into food instead of other things.

If you look really closely at the left, you can see Josie's impatient hands making their way to the blueberries.  The blueberries are already gone, along with half the watermelon, broccoli, mushrooms, grapes, half the peaches, a third of the nectarine/plums, one of the onions, several carrots, a couple apples, all but two pieces of the bread, half the sweet corn, one and a half bunches of bananas (only one bunch made it into the picture), and 1 lb. of the tofu.  We bought this food Saturday morning!  I am always amazed at how much my family eats.  I can only imagine what our food bill will be like when the kids are teens.  I love that they enjoy produce so much and usually have a fresh fruit or veggie in their hand.  Josie asks to go out to the garden to eat "cilantro" (our cilantro didn't make it but she loves to eat the fresh basil, but refuses to let go of calling it cilantro).  She and Dema also eat leaves off the mint plant by the steps every chance they get.  

Even with the heat and humidity, I love summer!

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Jessica @ Lima's Vegan Kitchen said...

This looks wonderful! I love going on my weekly (also car free) grocery trek to find all of my fruits and veggies!