Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Plate Lickin' Good

I made Tempeh and Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie Sunday night from 1,000 Vegan Recipes.   It was one of the those nights when I didn't know what I was making until everyone was already hungry and things did not come together well.  I made the dish before*, but I was pretty sure this time it would not satisfy.  The chemistry in the kitchen was not the best.  Rob and I were discussing some tough relationship baggage and neither of us had our minds on nourishing our family.  The potatoes wouldn't mash properly (I had steamed the yams a day or two before and used them in various dishes, I will post about later, so I had to supplement with white potatoes from our garden), things kept spilling, Rob left in a huff leaving the gravy undone, I couldn't find key ingredients, it was utter kitchen chaos.  I put dinner on the table with a defeated exhausted sigh, not even sure I had the appetite to eat it.

I was absently picking at my plate and the younger two kids were chattering incessantly when I heard Rob gently chastise Parker.  Parker had finished his large serving quickly and proceeded to lick his plate.  For what it is worth, I would say that our kids usually have better than average table manners.  We often get compliments from strangers at restaurants and friends ask how we do it at home.  Of course, there are times when eating seems like a zoo, but we've dined with enough children to say we are doing okay.  Thus, when Parker at ten years of age is licking his plate, it was met with surprise and disapproval from Rob (remember it wasn't the best time leading up to this point).  I, on the other hand, was secretly pleased.  Job well done.  Even with all the insanity, the dish was darn good...literally, plate licking good.  I had to laugh inside and this fed my soul much more than the food.

*I can't believe I didn't post about our last vegan potluck at our friends' Kit and Emily's few weeks ago.  I will have to blog about it soon.


Marja said...

I love this post. :)

I am glad your dinner turned out well after all. Sounds delicious!

Christie Nugent said...

Sweet! I'm happy there was such a happy ending. :) By the way, is licking your plate bad manners??? ;)

VeganLinda said...

Thanks Marja and Christie!

Christie, as long as there is no puking or passing out, it is all good. LOL!