Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Fruit Bowl Runneth Over

Another marvelous market day with lots of friends to see and chat with (my sister and Stuart were the highlight, for the kids, as usual).

The bloodmobile was there to take Rob's blood.  He gives until it hurts.  You can tell it has been a while since I gave blood.  I was impressed with his cool looking bandage.

Sprouts at the Market featured corn today.  We all learned a little about corn, even the adults.  You would think growing up in the Midwest surrounded by corn (and soybeans) and with farming relatives, my sister and I would know all there is about corn, but apparently not.

Fruit skewers thanks to Little Blue Stem Natural Play Group.  I think Josie and Dema might have eaten more than their share.  The skewers were fun to make and featured tasty local fruit.

Amara Yoga was out with paints and canvas, Parker's absolute favorite part of Saturdays.  The adults painting were so respectful.  Parker said he was asked a couple times about what colors he mixed together and other techniques.  I love the idea of community art.  They have yoga, arts, and crafts classes for kids.  I need to enroll the boys.  I am so glad to have Amara Yoga in our community.

Common Ground Co-op was jam packed with produce and people this morning.  I was happy to fill my fruit bowls with sale organic plums, nectarines, and pink lady apples.  We went a little over-budget today because Field Roast vegan sausage was on sale so I couldn't resist.  I was hungry and they always say not to shop when you're hungry.

I haven't eaten all day and you would think I would start munching on some of the spectacular looking local/organic produce, but it is hard for me to eat before the kids.  Do any of you parents out there do this?  I usually save the best food in the house for the kids and only eat produce I know they love once they have had their fill.  Now Rob and the kids are swimming at the public pool (first and probably time this year since we have fabulous neighbor's who are extremely generous with their awesome pool) so I can take a second to relax (do laundry, freeze peaches, wash dishes) and use up last week's kale to make my own personal smoothie.

I'll leave you with this song we were listening to in the co-op as we shopped.  This in the Johnny Cash version instead of the Depeche Mode version we heard this morning.  This is just for you, honey.  What if I play this version at your funeral?  Still no?


Jenny said...

Hey, just came across your blog. You seem to have some great things going on in your community that I'm jealous of! We are a little deprived here. :) I CAN'T eat before my kids; it's like they can detect it from 5 rooms away. I do admit I like to eat alone.

VeganLinda said...

Hey Jenny, thanks for visiting! We are so thankful for all the food related goodness we have here. We could use a great all veg restaurant, but I really can't complain. My kids are the same way, they can sense me eating and instantly want it. I was trying to sneak eat some left over garlicky kale and my ten year old snagged it. I just couldn't say "no" to those eyes. I can't imagine what it will be like when they are teens.

Rob said...

Anything by Johnny Cash is fine by me for my funeral :)

love you babe,

VeganLinda said...

You got it! :-)