Friday, August 20, 2010

Low Fat Desserts High on Taste

I am not fat phobic.  In fact, I love fat.  We eat lots of nuts, avocados, and seeds.  We also eat our share of oil, although I try not to go crazy since I don't think of oils as healthy.  We also eat coconut milk from time to time and try not to think of the saturated fat.  I have no issues with healthy fats or even not so healthy fats in moderation.  Still, I love Fat Free Vegan and find Susan's recipes delightful.  I made two of her desserts over the last month.
Tonight's dinner was homemade pizza, garlicky kale, and Low-Fat Plum Cobbler.  This is the second time this week I've made the cobbler and the kids would eat it all in one sitting if I let them.  I didn't have any soy yogurt and I'm trying to make due with our weekly shopping instead of running out for this and that during the week.  I subbed silken tofu for the yogurt (something the original recipe Susan was working from called for) the first time and vanilla soy milk the second.  Both turned out well, although I think the second had a better consistency.  I didn't have stevia so I used a bit of date sugar with no issues.  Thumbs up from all three kids.  I didn't get a bite of the first cobbler since they devoured for breakfast and I had a small taste of the second.  It is not overly sweet and allows the natural flavor of the plums shine through.  I chopped up the plums more the second time for ease in eating for Josie.  This is a great way to use plums when they are in season.
Several weeks ago, Loretta invited us over for dinner (and most of us ended up staying the night and not leaving until almost dinner time the next day, but that is another story).  I didn't want to go empty handed (not that this cake made up for her feeding my family three meals when she invited us for one!) so I made Fat Free Vegan's Chocolate-Blueberry Cake with the organic blueberries I bought locally through Strawberry Fields.  Another kid pleaser (Loretta's and mine) which I didn't try.  I did hastily take a lame picture with my iPhone, but please check out Susan's site for a mouthwatering view of what this cake looks like.  Blueberries and chocolate are always a winning combo in my book.

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SusanV said...

Hi Linda! I'm so glad that both recipes turned out well for you, but I hope you get to taste the chocolate-blueberry cake sometime!