Thursday, August 26, 2010

Curried Chickpea Patties

I know, I know, chickpea patties have been done.  I love Veganomicon's Chickpea Cutlets and Chickpea Sensation Patties from Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan just as much as the next vegan, but I think I may have found my favorite fried/baked pattied chickpea.  1,000 Vegan Recipes comes through again with Curried Chickpea Patties.  (Don't just take my word for it, here is the review of this recipe on Cooking From 1,000 Vegan Recipes.)  Pretty much anything with curry has me at "hello".
Here these flavorful patties are served with quinoa and drizzled with this Carrot Coconut Sauce (I forgot the sesame oil and I think it would have been much better if I hadn't, as it was the kids liked the sauce, but Rob and I found the sauce to be missing something now that I look at the recipe I know what it was missing, doh)
Here is Parker goofing around eating the patties and quinoa (he was eating with his fork until I started taking pictures, really!) which we ate on the porch.  The weather is now lovely and we are eating on the porch to enjoy the weather instead of to escape the humid oven which passed as our house.
We also had blueberries and watermelon from the Market at the Square, mixed greens from Vicky and Greg topped with Rob's tahini dressing and organic (goes without saying, 95% of what we eat, especially unprocessed foods are organic, but I like to stick it in there from time to time) dried cherries and walnuts from our buying club.  One of the nice things about chickpea patties is you can usually make the mixture ahead of time and stick it in the fridge until you are ready to cook them up.  I made a double batch and should have tripled it.  The kids only left two for Rob by the time he arrived home from work.
Here they are again.  Josie loves to help make chickpea patties from harvesting parsley from our garden to pouring ingredients into the food processor to molding them into balls and flattening them out. She also might eat a little of the mixture before putting them in the pan, but that is part of the fun of cooking.  This time I served them on Pekara's focaccia bread with tomato (from our garden), mixed greens (from Vicky and Greg), and curry mayo (as suggested by Robin Robertson in 1,000 Vegan Recipes).  Grapes from Common Ground, watermelon from the Market at the Square, garlicky kale from the Market at the Square with Field Roast Mexican Chipotle vegan sausage from Common Ground (it was on sale this week) rounded out the meal.  Dema who loves vegan sausage, homemade (my favorite) or store bought, was not a fan of the Mexican Chipotle.  Josie liked them and Parker was so-so.  I think we'll stick with the Italian or the Smoked Apple Sage on the rare occasions when we splurge.  It was a unanimous win on the Curried Chickpea Patties and I think these will make a great quick go-to meal on busy soccer days.

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