Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Peanut Butter Waffles or the Answer to World Hunger

Last year over a long weekend, while Rob happened to be out of town (his loss), we had four families over for a vegan waffle party.  It was so much fun, but I might have had a selfish motive for hosting.  We didn't have a waffle iron.  I know, sad, but I shun all things plastic and non-stick coated.  I did, however, have no problem whatsoever with everyone coming over to my house and cooking up their favorite vegan waffles on their non-stick waffle irons.  Hmmm.  I caved this winter and went over to my dad's house and grabbed my mom's old waffle iron.  The kids are so happy to be able to have waffles again.  

Here is a picture Josie waiting for her first waffle from our very own waffle iron in January:

We still don't make them often (read, I still have not made them, but Rob does from time to time), but last weekend Rob made the Peanut Butter Waffles from Vegan Brunch.   Oh my!  Per usual when we make pancakes or waffles, we serve the kids first and then Rob and I might eat one or two if there are any leftover.  I think Rob doubled the batch so the kids ate their fill and I was surprised to see some left.  That was until I sat down to eat one.  They are super, super filling!  Very good, but it would be hard to finish one (the kids seemed to do okay though, but they weren't hungry again until supper).

They freeze beautifully and toast up even better the next morning.  Here is Parker's toasted waffle with fresh blueberries (these waffles pair splendidly with fresh fruit) and real maple syrup.

I decided these waffles are the answer to the world's hunger issues.*  High in protein, filling, yummy, easy to make, and easy to store.  Problem solved.

*Not to make light of a serious issue like hunger.  Here is a real way to make a difference.


Jessica said...

Peanut butter waffles are a favorite of mine, but so filling! I love the individual blueberry in each waffle square.

The Voracious Vegan said...

Peanut butter = awesome. Waffles = awesome. Peanut Butter + Waffles = Paradise. I love these waffles, yours looks stunning, what beautiful photos. Waffles for everyone!

VeganLinda said...

My eldest has done the blueberry in each hole since he was one. We used to buy frozen vegan waffles in the store and when my mom was alive she made vegan waffles for us to put in our freezer. The younger kids have rarely had waffles so they don't have a special way of eating them. Parker likes his food to look artistic as well as taste good.

Morgan-- said...

I love peanut butter on pancakes and waffles! Ok, that little girl is ADORABLE!

Rebecca said...

OH. my. lordie. those pancakes look amazing! What a great brunch. Also, your kid is addorable! She's a vegan too right?

VeganLinda said...

Morgan and Rebecca,

Thanks! She is a lot of fun. Yep, we have three children (10,6, and 2years old) and they have always been vegan.