Monday, June 28, 2010

Indian Double Chickpea Noodles

During our crazy monsoon-like weather, we were cooking up an storm of Indian food.  I found Indian Double Chickpea Noodles in 1,000 Vegan Recipes and quickly whipped up a batch.  I used whole wheat spaghetti and we picked some cilantro from our neighbor's garden.  Don't forget the cilantro, it really pulls all the flavors together.  This dish was really awesome for how simple and quick it was to prepare.  I doubled the recipe and the leftovers tasted even better.

We tried out a "new to us" Indian grocery store in town, Mirsung, looking for chickpea noodles since I wanted to repeat this dish, but with the noodles Robin called for.  I didn't find the noodles, but I did find a very helpful and friendly staff.  We stocked up on other necessities for Indian cooking at home.  Then we scored big eating in the little restaurant attached.  Samosas, idlis, vadas, and dosas...mmmmm.  We also tried a couple curries, but I can make curries at home.  I love Indian snack foods and will be going back again.


Michael said...

Hi Linda,

I checked the internet and found a product called "Sev" is also referred to as chick pea noodle. Sev is a dried noodle-like snack found in Indian grocery stores. Wonder if this is what Robin means??

VeganLinda said...


Yep sev is what she mentions in her recipe in the intro, but the store didn't have any. They had other fried noodles made from other things, but not chickpeas. I decided since they were fried, I would probably just stick with whole wheat or make my own sev.