Monday, April 12, 2010

Even Sponge Bob Would Eat These

Y'all know we don't own a TV, but I remember the day Sponge Bob was introduced by a well-meaning neighbor when our eldest was maybe five. Our then neighbor, Joanne, gave Parker a Sponge Bob balloon. When he was bewildered, she went on to explain who he was. To our glee, Parker never took much interest in Sponge Bob once the balloon was no more. However, it was the first of many pop culture influences which we as parents could certainly do without. Our second son, Dema, does have a little interest in Sponge Bob and has asked for me to read him Sponge Bob books at the library or bookstore (they don't come home with us) and our sweet lovely intelligent niece is a Sponge Bob fan so I have to think he can't be all bad. Even with my limited Sponge Bob exposure, I can't think of crab cakes (not that I do think of them often) without thinking of Sponge Bob. Thus, when Rob made brunch this weekend for our friends Ricky and Catharine (and their boys, but to be honest all the kids end up playing together and not eating much until hours later when they come to us "starving" and the adults have already consumed everything) and picked out the Chesapeake Tempeh Cakes from Vegan Brunch, I had a fleeting vision of a yellow square with big eyes and pants....shudder.

I was kind of shocked that Rob picked anything out to be honest. I am usually the idea woman even if I don't do the cooking. I was lavished in luxury this time because Rob did absolutely all the cooking. It was Sunday morning and we had a loooonnnnngggg fun weekend with perfect weather so the house was an absolute mess and the kids wanted to be at the park. I took tidying up and kid duty while Rob slaved away in the kitchen. This made brunch taste even better than usual, but I think I still would have been completely taken with the Chesapeake Tempeh Cakes no matter who made them. They are awesome! Go to this link for the recipe and a much better picture, then make them immediately!

I have to say again what an cool neighborhood we live in. Around 8am, we realized we didn't have any capers (well, Rob realized it then and I continued to rifle through the pantry for awhile before I admitted defeat...I just knew I had some somewhere, but I do use them more than one would think). Rob discussed subbing something or leaving them out (how far he has come from the "stick to the recipe" man I married). I would have none of it, but we really didn't want to trek out to the store since we had cooking and cleaning to do. I texted our wonderful neighbors, Vicky and Greg, and they responded right away that yes they had capers and they would bring them down. I mean really, how many people can say they can borrow capers before nine am on a Sunday morning from their neighbors? We ate outside at the park so the kids could play and we enjoyed the weather. We chatted with neighbors as they came in and out of the park. Ricky and Rob put up a slack line with climbing rope and the trees, no one ended up needed emergency medical attention so all in all it was a success.

Along with the Chesapeake Tempeh Cakes, you can see garlicky kale with Basic Tofu Scramble, and Perfect Pancakes (we make them whole wheat, sub molasses and date sugar for maple syrup, etc.). I thought it was funny that none of us could ever remember eating actual crab cakes before so we don't have a lot to compare them to, but trust me they were excellent. I'm pretty sure even Sponge Bob would give them a wacky thumbs up.


the sandwich life said...

I LOVE Sponge Bob. He has a good heart and a lot of soul.

The Voracious Vegan said...

OH YUM. I love the way this meal looks, especially the garlicky greens. Delicious!