Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hoarding Memories

After my computer crash and then heartbreaking loss of all my pictures for the last five years, (We tried everything to recover them. No dice. The company we used said they have never seen a hard drive that was so messed up, technical term, nothing could be recovered. Sooooo...except for some photos my friends sweetly sent to me!!!!! I love you guys!!!! and a few we had on my husband's flickr account, etc. we have nothing. Sigh.) I didn't want to download any pics to the computer (same computer with new HD) until we had an external drive setup with an automatic backup. This is set up, but I don't have iPhoto on the computer anymore and we haven't had a chance to buy it. Thus, I am hoarding pictures on my iPhone and two digital cameras. It is sad really. I have tons of photos, but I don't have any to post until I have some sort of photo organization software on my computer. Soon, I promise.

So much has been going on here. I'm sure it is the same for you all. We always seem to be busy from the end of November to April with one thing after another. It is insane. My eldest has his tenth birthday coming up. TEN!! Geesh, where does the time go??? He also just had a pediatric cardiologist appointment today and I always get very clingy and sentimental for my first born around this time. It makes me more anxious than I realize and then after, I breathe a sigh of relief. He is really doing wonderfully and is such a healthy guy, but I just can't help but worry. We get to go two years before another appointment which is great, but that makes me a tad nervous too. He is just such an amazing kid and so sensitive, it breaks my heart that he will have to deal with his CHD the rest of his life.

I also think of my mom even more around this time of year. To be honest it starts around Thanksgiving and goes until almost April as well. I miss her so much around the holidays and then I can't help but think of her hospitalization around Valentine's Day, her diagnosis of cancer soon after and then her death a month after she was admitted to the hospital for what they thought was gallbladder issues, and then her birthday is in late March. I know it has been eight years, but I still spend a lot of time with my memories during the winter.

Hoarding memories is what I am up to.

Never fear though, I have been making loads of yummy food and Parker takes pictures of every dish so I will have food to talk about soon!