Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Leaf Love

I mentioned October has been pretty nasty weather-wise in my part of the world. It has been cold and wet and I prefer to be warm and dry. What gets me up and out of bed in the morning is waking up to the view of the park and the beautiful trees. It makes the cold weather tolerable.Don't take my iPhone's word for it. Check out my sweet and talented neighbor, Cynthia's blog and her pictures of the park. Breathtaking!
We did have a brief, but lovely warm-up last week. One of the advantages to homeschooling is when Mother Nature serves you a special day, you can move school outside. We read books, wrote reports, and drew pictures at the park. Here Dema is regaling us with a story before teaching Josie her body parts in Spanish.We also went on biking/walking/busing adventures to the Orpheum Children's Museum, library, downtown, campus, and Scott Park before heading downtown again for Spanish. Josie actually requested I take this picture as we waited at the bus station for transport to our next destination.
This is Josie's normal response when I take out my phone for a picture. "No pictures!" I just couldn't help it. She looked so cute (before the picture protest) in her two favorite purple sweaters. The one underneath was made last year by our fabulous neighbor, Margie.
This weekend our amazingly thoughtful friends, Kit and Emily, dropped off pumpkins to our house from their family's pumpkin patch. We were supposed to all get together to carve pumpkins, but they came down with the intestinal illness which seems to have infected half our town. Yet they still dropped off pumpkins for us to carve. I tell you, we are not worthy of all the delightful people we have in our lives!Josie, Rob, Parker, and Dema carving pumpkins. Apparently, it is serious work! We have our old 6lb. nooch bucket for compost and glass container for saving seeds. Loretta and lovely her family joined us for the carving and they look equally serious!The kids had a great time jumping in piles of leaves after they were done carving and then as darkness fell we enjoyed a yummy dinner (thanks to Loretta and David bringing excellent soup and pasta to add to Rob's stir fry). Now if fall wouldn't turn into winter...

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Rose said...

Your kids are adorable! Sounds like a wonderful day.