Friday, October 9, 2009

Brunch, It's What's for Dinner

As if brunch wasn't crazy enough. I mean, mixing the lines between breakfast and lunch...wacky stuff. I've found myself looking at Vegan Brunch for inspiration for dinner as well. Maybe it should be called "bruncher".Sauteed Collards and Sausages (Italian Feast Sausage recipe also from Vegan Brunch) from Vegan Brunch

I doubled the Italian Feast Sausage recipe the other day when we were going to have friends over for brunch. Brunch had to be canceled so I used some for the Sauteed Collards and Sausages for dinner and served the rest for Monday homeschool group lunch on buns with "hot dog" toppings. I cut them in half for the kids and that was plenty to fill the buns. They were great both ways! I even had an omni homeschooling mom friend who is not big on vegan food sniffing the air saying "That actually smells good!" and checking them out. She was surprised to hear I made them at home out of pinto beans (similar to this recipe). I used hot paprika because we don't have any sweet so they were pretty spicy. I was never a big sausage fan pregan days, but I love me some spicy seitan! I will definitely make them again.

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