Sunday, August 9, 2009


The ultimate summer sandwich, Tempeh Lettuce and Tomato:
The picture doesn't do this delight any justice. It was dark and I only had my iPhone which doesn't like to take pictures inside with poor lighting. The heirloom tomato from our backyard, farmer's market salad mix, and sauteed tempeh (in tamari, water, and a little oil) on German Sourdough Potato bread from Strawberry Fields and some Nayonaise*. This was supposed to be my sandwich, but Josie ate most of it so I had to make another (she ate half of the next one too). She is not a big fresh tomato person (she likes them in sauce, etc.), but she was begging for more. Since the greens aren't lettuce and I feel the Nayonaise made the sandwich. It could be called a TNT instead of TLT. Okay, I have to go make one now.

*When I first "went vegan", I preferred Nayonaise. I was a Miracle Whip (ugh!) eater as a child so that may have something to do with it (there are theories we vegans have about why vegans will like Nayonaise or Vegenaise and it can become quite heated). Anyway, I was converted at some point to Vegenaise and then, as I've posted before, I am now trying out lower fat versions. Well, I bought some Nayonaise on sale the other day at the co-op and decided to try it out. It was good...really good. Even Rob liked it and he was the one who converted me to Vegenaise in the first place. I checked the fat content...same as the Light Canola...hmmm. We may have a new favorite in the house. Tomato sandwiches are really the one thing that really calls for any kind of mayo in my opinion. Mustard and/or unsweetened ketchup is a preferred choice, but when it has to be mayo, I think it will be Nayonaise from now on.


Loretta said...

Mmmmm...that sandwich sounds delicious! We may have to try that here sometime soon.
I was never a big mayonnaise person to begin with so vegan mayonnaise is something that hardly every gets used in anything around here--the few exceptions are some coleslaws and chickpea salad type things--and of course on the rare occasion I make that broccoli tofu casserole David mentioned one time. I've never really been much of a Vegenaise person and always preferred Nayonaise. They now have a fat free Nayonaise--I got a small bottle at Strawberry Fields about a week ago b/c I was making a coleslaw. Only 10 calories per tablespoon--and obviously 0 from fat!

VeganLinda said...

I was going to look for the fat free Nayonaise when we run out of this little jar. It only has 3 grams of fat as it is which isn't bad for mayo. I think a lot of the awesomeness came from the tomato. It was just perfect and now I'm drooling waiting for the rest of the tomatoes to ripen.