Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pizza Pizza

Friday night we had the best Indian food, prepared by our friend/neighbor, Gita. I'm always super appreciative of people who aren't veg who cook lovely vegan food for us. It is an extra special treat. The food was wonderful and I so wish I had a picture to share. Gita has energetic twin girls so I don't know how she cooks anything, but she made so much yummy food we didn't think we would need to eat for a week. Well, we skipped breakfast Saturday, but after the farmer's market we were in the mood for some "light" pizza...

Rainbow Pizza:

The kids' favorite pizza is fresh pineapple, carrots, kalamata olive, and kale. Oh, and with a sprinkle of nutritional yeast for good measure. It always looks like a rainbow to me.

Mushroom Pizza:One of our favorite farmers at the Market at the Square is Greg from Clay Bank Farm. He is sweet, funny, and has great produce. This week, Rob couldn't resist the mushrooms grown on a log in Greg's basement. They taste sooo much better than that sounds. Kale, green onion, mushrooms, carrots, sweet peppers, and nutritional yeast top this yummy scrummy pizza. It is all CSA, farmer's market, our garden except the kalamata olives, nooch, and the crust.

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Meat-free Mike said...

Wow Linda, I envy you all! Look at all that delicious pizza AND curries! Two of my faves! And the weather here has been perfect! What a great combo - family and out-of-doors plus great vegan food!