Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Go Raw? Tempt-ing?

Sorry about the play on words, but it is late and I'm punchy. Here are a couple product reviews from today...

Go Raw Super Chips/Super Cookies:

The Go Raw display appeared at my local health food store and I was drawn to it, but thought to myself that I could make most of the stuff at home so no need to buy it packaged all nice and neat. Then today, after Dema and Josie had their blood drawn (I have to mention here that they are AMAZING! Both of them were so calm and cool and didn't mind a bit having this annual blood taken to test for lead, etc. The nurses were pretty blown away.) at the doctor, I thought we could all use a little treat. I bought Pumpkin Super Chips, Ginger Snaps, and Chocolate Super Cookies to try out a couple flavors. I went for the Chocolate Super Cookies first and they were quickly devoured. Ginger Snaps were next later in the day and Parker and Josie (my ginger lovers) ate the entire bag before I was able to get more than one. On the way to pick up the CSA share, Parker suggested we walk instead of bike and take the Pumpkin Super Chips (I think these were his favorite, but they were all well loved). I read the packaging on the walk back from picking up the produce and it sounds like a great company. We don't own a dehydrator anymore (gave it away years ago because we never used I'm sad), but I think I could probably make something similar in the oven on the lowest setting. I will buy these again when I'm feeling the need for some quick, but healthy snack. They will make great snacks for our homeschooling group days.

Tempt Hemp "Ice Cream":

I bought Edward and Sons ice cream cones on sale at Common Ground Co-op the other day. I thought they are nice to have on hand and we'd probably make some vegan ice cream at home before the summer was over, but then today I realized I hadn't tried Living Harvest Tempt non-dairy dessert and decided that was just not right. The kids loved it and I had a lick and liked it very much, but we all really like coconut and lime (that is the flavor we bought). So much so that for lunch I made a coconut lime rice noodle dish with carrots, broccoli, and cashews to go along with our kale chips. My kids have never had any ice cream that wasn't vegan and they love Hemp Milk so they are pretty easy to please on the non-dairy front, but I think most people would like this one. Not as decadent as Coconut Bliss, but quality and nice to have more soy free vegan ice cream options. It really is amazing how many different vegan dessert products are out there now!

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