Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yin Yang Vegan Food

Tonight was the worst of foods and the best of foods. Don't get me wrong, it was all yummy, but we had one of the healthiest dishes we make with one of the unhealthiest (from a fried standpoint) so I guess it sort of balances our lives out. I've blogged about FatFree Vegan's Green on Green Soup before. It is a favorite and the kids and I even adore having the leftovers for breakfast (really starts the day right!). Parker has been asking for green soup for days and he was so happy I finally made some today. I love the Green on Green Soup because you can throw pretty much anything in it and it always comes out great! We had our CSA pickup yesterday and I still had some greens from Saturday's Market at the Square so it was a perfect time to make this soup. I used swish chard, kale, romaine, and purple cabbage for the greens. I didn't have any mushrooms so I threw in some leftover red rice (more on red rice in a future post). In the cold months, we like to add some plain soy yogurt, but in the warmer months I prefer to just put a few drops of hot sauce. Seriously great nutrition and delish! Rob made more boiled seitan this weekend so I thought I'd make Voracious Vegan's Chicken Fried Seitan again since we have tomatoes from our garden and the CSA. I cut the seitan into strips to fit on whole wheat hot dog buns. Pickles, romaine, tomatoes, and mustard (Parker)/Spectrum Light Canola Mayo (me)/un-sweetened ketchup (Dema and Josie) topped the seitan. We go through fresh strawberries in minutes after buying them from the farmer's market or this week on sale at Common Ground Co-op so I thawed out some of our frozen strawberries from our buying club (bought 20 lbs month before last and we are on our last pound...we go through a lot of strawberries). Our sweet neighbor, Margie, left a watermelon on our porch so we had this for dessert after hanging out at Cynthia (Happy Birthday!) and Ernie's for conversation and red wine for the adults and Lego and tag for the kids. A wonderful summer evening.


Anonymous said...

How lucky you are to have a neighbor that gifts you with watermelons!

And I love that your son will ask for green soup -- that is awesome :)

We buy our frozen organic berries through our bulk buying club in 20lb cases too. They don't last long with all the smoothie-making! Our distributor is United Natural Foods -- you too?

Have a great weekend!

VeganLinda said...

Oh my gosh, we have the BEST neighbors! We are always getting goodies from them (greens, avocados, berries, pears, etc.).

Yep, UNFI. My blender broke (horror!) so I'm thinking about a Vitamix. Thinking and saving. :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Who needs a garden when you have neighbors supplying you with such yumminess? Lucky lucky you :)

Ooh,a Vitamix...what a great new toy to save up for!