Thursday, July 2, 2009

Movie Review

I was going to do a movie review on this movie a couple weeks ago, but it seems more timely now with the Independence holiday coming up here in the US. This year in homeschool, we studied American history and so we spent time reading books (reviews on some of them coming later), went to museums, and watched some movies. One of the movies, we found quite interesting was...

John Adams
The kids didn't watch the entire epic, but I would be happy to watch it again in all its length. Rob and I both thought it was very well done. The acting was quite good for a mini-series and best of all it sparked interest in all of us to learn more. Really what more can I ask? I love books, but sometimes it is hard to picture certain aspects of history and a movie brings it to life in a different way. I appreciate the raw realness of this film. There is an option on the DVD to have what I will call "fact pop ups" appear throughout the film. I enjoyed watching with this option on and highly suggest it, but it may distract from the viewing for younger children. Of course, there are parts which may be particularly hard for some children to watch. One such scene for my kids involved a man being hit by a cannon ball while John Adams was sailing to Europe and hit ship was attacked by the British. The man's leg has to be amputated and all does not end well. There are also some historical inconsistencies, which is to be expected, listed here. Overall, I would say it is well worth the hours of viewing and timely for those celebrating on July 4th.

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