Sunday, July 5, 2009

Homemade Pita and Tuna Friendly "Tuna" Salad

I think I've mentioned before that Rob is the dough guy in the family. Not only does he make the "dough" at work while I have fun home schooling the kids, running my "for fun" business, volunteering, and taking care of the house (playing at the park and chatting with neighbors/friends), but he also is the one to go to for crust, bread, anything doughy in the kitchen. I am a very lucky woman. Yesterday during our cool, rainy, lazy July 4th, Rob wowed me by making homemade whole wheat pita bread. It always amazes me how one can make bread with a hole in the center. Yes, I'm easily impressed when it comes to bread "magic". I don't have the commitment it takes to make bread. It seems like such a long process for a return that in reality is just a vehicle on which to put something yummy (that I do enjoy making). I usually have to cut something with a knife to be fulfilled in the kitchen. I love my sweet hubby and greatly appreciate his talent with dough.
He also soaked the beans last night and cooked them up this morning before I was even out of my pajamas. I know, I know, I'm spoiled. So I thought I'd made something new with the chickpeas to go with his pita. I've almost made the Tuna-Free Sandwich Filling from Vegan Planet several times, but never have. Rob was skeptical and asked me not to use all the chickpeas because he had hummus in mind. Then I made him a sandwich with the tuna-free filling, pickles, and swish chard from the new farmer's market*...he asked me to make a another batch. I did sub nori flakes for the kelp powder, lime juice for lemon, celery salt for the celery, and I used the Light Canola Mayo which was just right for this recipe. The mayo is just something to keep the ingredient together and make it creamier and the taste really comes from the other ingredients. This is another reason I don't bake bread, it is not forgiving. I feel like I would have to follow a recipe and that goes against my nature.
In this picture, I added kale, shredded carrots, and capers to the sandwich filling and pickles. The pasta in the background is Penne Vodka from Veganomicon. This was my first time making it, but it is very similar to our VeganYumYum standby which I've blogged about many times before. I have to admit that I don't think I've ever eaten a tuna salad sandwich in my life and if I did, I'm sure I've erased the memory so I have no earthly idea if this tastes like tuna or not. I just know it is darn good. Josie licked the bowl clean and Parker seconded Rob's request that I make more. Dema was not home so the jury is out for him. For another chickpea tuna-ish recipe that we enjoy, try this one.
*I finally got my rear in gear and went to the Historic North First Street Farmers Market this Thursday. My neighbor, Deborah, and her two sweet sons biked downtown with us to check it out. The market is small, but it was nice to have one during the week so close to home. I found plenty to buy and one of the vendors was a vegan couple! I haven't seen them before at our normal Market at the Square so I'll make sure to continue to support them during the week. I also appreciate this market is closer to an area of town which is completely under served by co-ops and markets so I hope to watch it grow. The picture is the kids sharing a bagel we bought at the market while they are patiently waiting for me finish talking with friends.


the sandwich life said...

for some reason I find homemade pita bread ridiculously impressive....

VeganLinda said...

Cynthia, I'm glad I'm not the only one. :-)