Saturday, July 11, 2009

Eating Local - Pasta Alley

A few weeks ago I found myself alone (sans children, there were many, many people there) at the Market at the Square. Usually, Saturdays are full of fun, but pretty much a flurry of activity. I love it that way, but this also means that our farmer's market shopping on the weekends tends to be stopping at our favorite vendors and chatting for more time than I'll admit with all the friends we run into and then getting on the bikes to get to our next destination. So when I have a few moments at the market to myself, I browse. I check out some of the tables I glance at, but then a small hand takes me in a different direction or I hear the request for water (starting out nice, but quickly turning to begging, and then to whining if I don't listen and act quickly) or a friendly face stops by to catch up on the past week.
One of the vendors, I had the pleasure of purchasing from that luxurious day was Pasta Alley. I stopped, talked with the owner, checked out the selection, and then the Sweet Basil Whole Wheat pasta spoke to me (not really spoke...then it wouldn't be vegan). I finally cooked some up for lunch the other day after buying some vegan garlic bread from Strawberry Fields. I made Super Quick Tomato Basil Cream Pasta sauce from Vegan YumYum, of course. It was perfect together. I love supporting a business making their own pasta locally and I found out later that they have several developmentally disabled employees. I suggest you visit them at the Market at the Square or order online. You won't be disappointed.

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Jumbleberry Jam said...

LOL..."not really spoke, then it wouldn't be vegan" ;-) Market day here. We're going for collard greens, DS's favorite food next to pasta. :-)