Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Chicken" Fried Seitan and 22 Months

Not only did Rob make pita bread this weekend, but I conned him into making seitan as well. I suggested he make the Simple Seitan from Veganomicon. Back in the old days, pre-kids when we both worked, but we had a different kind of time on our hands, Rob would make seitan from scratch. I mean no wimpy vital wheat gluten recipe, but the real manly seitan made from flour with lots and lots of kneading and washing and more kneading. He burnt out at least one KitchenAid stand mixer motor on his seitan. It was good, very good, but not something one feels like making often. Now a days, there are dozens of seitan recipes out there. Boiled, baked, steamed, you name it. Vital wheat gluten has revolutionized seitan. Yet, I still prefer Rob to make it. So, I opened Veganomicon to the Simple Seitan recipe and said several times during the day, "We really should make some seitan this weekend." "Wouldn't it be nice to have some seitan for your lunch...." and the like. He took the bait and asked where the Seitan o' Greatness recipe was (he seriously is lost without me) and I said, "Take a look at the boiled recipe in Veganomicon." which I set down in a predominate place most of the day. He made it. Done and done. We were both happy with the results. My mind was full of all the possible uses of boiled seitan. There is just nothing quite like it. Baked is great so is steamed and they both have their uses, but boiled has its own texture and juiciness. Store bought seitan has nothing on homemade, in my opinion. Anyway, I was in a hurry last night and just whipped up a red curry with seitan, kale, chickpeas, sweet peas, green onions, carrots, and broccoli over brown rice. The kids loved it as always, but I couldn't help but feel like I let down my seitan. I mean, I should have made something special. I looked around the blogs at all the recipes I want to make when I have seitan on hand, but I didn't have this or that ingredient and I kept going back to Voracious Vegan and her post on Chicken Fried Seitan. I am not a fried food fan, but this recipe was calling to me. I had whole wheat buns in the freezer and it just seemed perfect for a quick summer evening eating on the porch. And it was. Very yummy! I will definitely make this for omnis when we have people over. I even think my carnivore friend, B, would enjoy this. Seriously, B, if you are reading...you need to try it! I'll even make it for you sometime and I guarantee you'll like it! Fresh tomatoes would have made this sandwich, but alas our garden is full of green tomatoes, but none even close to ripe. I'll just have to make this again when the tomatoes are ready. It is a once in a while recipe due to the frying, but just steam a bunch of veggies along with it and take a family run after dinner. We, on the other hand, did not go for a run, but we did walk over to our neighbors Scott and Deborah's house to play (kids) and drink a beer (us). Josie ended up eating some yummy pasta dish Deborah made with mushrooms and spinach. I can't believe how much food that little girl can eat. She keeps up with her big brothers!Speaking of Josie, she is 22 months old today. She is so grown up and she keeps up with her big brothers in everything, not just eating. She is the nanny of the neighborhood and looks out for all the kids no matter how big or small. Josie is the first one to pick up on any perceived wrong doing or anything unsafe. She watches out for young kids going into the street and older kids playing too rough. She is one of the most empathetic children I've ever met and she is a complete lover. She is always there with hugs and kisses for anyone who gets hurt or just to say "hello" and "g'night" to her extended family of neighborhood friends. I took this picture Monday at one of our local parks. We were playing while Parker was in pottery class and Dema was climbing on the statues. Of course, Josie had to join the fun and after she climbed her "mountains" to prove how well she could do it by herself ("I got it!" is one of her favorite phrases), she climbed up on this statue of a child and a dog. She leaned back against the child and put her hand on the cheek and said softly, almost wistfully, to no one in particular, "cheek" "hug". I think she felt the statue child might be in need of some care and compassion.

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Jumbleberry Jam said...

She's just soooo gorgeous! Love that statue photo. DS is growing into a lover, too. It's such a joy!!