Monday, March 23, 2009

Kale Three Way

I used to have a friend/co-worker from Buffalo, NY who would get excited about visiting Illinois so she could eat Chili Three Way at Steak and Shake. Last night as we sat down to dinner with kale in three places, I thought of this and laughed. I wonder if Nancy would enjoy Kale Three Way? She should because it was all super yummy. Thumbs up all around. We had Colcannon Puffs, Coconut-Curry Rice with kale (this is a tester recipe for Robin Robertson's new cookbook and we love it and have fun adding new things like kale), and a green smoothie. For the smoothie I used up some coconut milk we had left from the Southwestern Corn Pudding, kale, frozen mangoes, soy milk, cashews, ground flax seeds, and mango-orange juice. Here is a link to a recipe for what I loosely call the Pina Colada Smoothie, but I usually make it different every time depending on how I feel. This time it was very light and just want we needed. The coconut milk was lite and I didn't use much since it was just what was left in the can after using a cup. Just right! I can't wait to plant some kale in the garden soon.

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VeganLinda said...

I meant to add that we did not use the 2 tsp of salt in the recipe for the Colcannon Puffs. They are great with just 1 tsp. Also, I'm thinking they would be wonderful with different veggie combos. Maybe shredded carrots and/or zucchini? Sweet potatoes instead of white, etc. I can't wait to play with the recipe. These are great snacks when you are on the go.