Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Colcannon Puffs

None of us wore green today, we just didn't think about it until we were already dressed, but we are always in the mood for green foods. Those of you on my Facebook friends list (I'm a tad addicted to FB so you can find me there), you've already heard me rave about these. Susan at FatFree Vegan has done it again with her Colcannon Puffs. It is no secret that we love kale, but even those of you out there who are kale skeptics will like this little gems. Check out her pictures because I added more kale so mine are quite green, but they still tasted great. They are shown here with some unsweetened ketchup and a SO'G (sort of a vegan version of corned beef, but oh so much better) sandwich with avocado and horseradish mustard on flax nut bread. On another Irish note, some of you have asked about our friends Alison and Mike who I mentioned were in the process of having a baby last week. Well, they did indeed have the babe, named Larson Ash O'Connor (what a great name!!!). I haven't seen pictures yet and I'm trying not to call for fear of waking the new parents, but I will bug them tomorrow and find out all the wonderful details. Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!