Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chickpea Noodle Soup, Sweet Sweaters, and Labor Light

Saturday Rob had a cold. We all had some sniffles for a couple of days as the weather went from cold to unseasonably warm which tends to get the nose running. I had sinus headache last week for one hard night, but really I can't complain. As illnesses go it was short and if not sweet, it wasn't awful. We've been super luck all winter so a last minute cold is no biggie. Except for my sweet hubby. He doesn't get sick often, but when he does he lays around talking about how sick he is and incessantly asking me if he has a fever. I keep telling him that he doesn't HAVE to be feverish to be sick and I believe him (I'm not his mom and I don't need him to have a fever in order to keep him home from school). I was kind of excited at his pain (I'm not really that mean, I promise) because I could make the Chickpea Noodle Soup from Veganomicon. Sure, I could have made it without anyone in the house being sick, but I'm silly that way and needed an excuse. I lovingly prepared it and everyone enjoyed it! Parker asked for me to make it "every day". I think Rob liked it...he ate two huge bowls...but he didn't say a thing...I guess he wasn't impressed by my making homemade chickpea noodle soup for his vegan soul and just wanted more sympathy instead. I'll work on it. Don't feel to bad for him. He was better on Sunday and able to bike five miles and play indoor soccer and bike back. He was sick poor guy, but he is better.

I added kale at the end as it suggested on the recipe online, but in my version of V-con it doesn't mention the kale...add the kale. Always add the kale.
Since we are talking about colds and comfort, I thought I'd add a picture of the adorable sweater our neighbor Margie made for Josie. Ignore the fact that Josie is not really awake yet and I'm rushing to take the picture before we head out the door on a manic Monday. The sweater is warm, cute, and made with lots and lots of love. You can just tell. We have the best neighbors!

I can't get anything done today because I'm thinking of our friend Alison. She went into labor many hours ago now so she might have the baby in her arms as I type this. I lit a labor candle for her today and I've been thinking of her non-stop. I wish I could jump on a plane to the east coast right now and be there for her. She and Mike are destined to have a child who is amazing. Strong willed and loving and lots and lots of fun is the child I see in store for these new parents! We love guys and hope all is going and has gone well during Alison's labor. We can't wait to meet your new precious little being!!!


Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

Oh, that soup looks awesome! Wish I had thought to make it. Maybe tonight.

That sweater is adorable!! My mother and sister made my kids sweaters when they were little. They were always so much warmer than store-bought sweaters. I wish I had the patience to knit...

VeganLinda said...

I hope you feel better soon, Lisa! I wish I could send you some soup. I am also not patient enough to knit. I keep thinking I will learn soon and teach the kids, but I always seem to have an excuse not to knit.