Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cherry CoffeeCAKE and Swedish "Meat"balls

Sunday Breakfast was Cherry Coffeecake from Vegan Family Favorites. I was going to make this for a potluck which we were supposed to have with some friends which sadly keeps getting postponed. I decided to make it once for us first. I'm glad I did. It was much more cake and much less coffeecake. It is a dessert not a breakfast since there is absolutely no nutritional value (okay, my cherry pie filling did have vitamin A and C, but still) so this is good to know. I didn't use Earth Balance and subbed some canola oil instead and much less than it called for. I broke down and served it with vanilla soy ice cream and frozen raspberries. It reminded me of that line in Steel Magnolias, "I serve it with ice cream to cut the sweetness". I figured what the heck...if you are going to have cake for breakfast, might as well go all the way. The cake was completely gone in minutes, although even Dema couldn't finish his last piece. Luckily, it is small or the kids would have been bouncing off the walls.When I saw the post for Vegan Swedish Meatballs on Voracious Vegan, I knew I had to save the recipe. I don't know if I've had Swedish meatballs which aren't vegan...I'm guessing my mom may have made them when I was a kid. Rob remembers them from his own childhood, so I thought it would be fun to make a lentil based version. Any recipe with a cup of ground flax seeds gets my attention. I served them over wide udon noodles with peas and bake potatoes. I felt like our Sunday was very '80's Betty Crocker-ish with a vegan twist. Not complaints though. I gave Rob the last serving for his lunch Monday and it was fun to use the To-Go Ware side kicks for the sauce. I baked most of the meatballs, but they are better fried. The baked ones are like lentil cookies. That is what I get for trying to cut down on the fat. The baked ones were great crumbled into the gravy though so nothing was wasted.The weather has been beautiful lately so you get bonus pics of the kids. Here is Dema striking his Jedi Knight pose. Josie is waiting for me to take the picture so she can get back to be a little blur of running up the stairs and sliding down the slide and running up the stairs and sliding down the slide.

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