Thursday, February 12, 2009

Za'tar Spiced Bean Patties with Coconut Curry Sauce

I have wanted to make the Za'tar Spiced Bean Patties with Coconut Curry Sauce from Vegan Planet for years. I know that is so silly because why didn't I just make them? Why drool over a recipe for so long? I don't know. I don't have a good reason. The title of the recipe sounded time consuming? I would run out of za'tar, not have the right beans soaked and cooked, out of coconut milk...? So the other night, I was determined. It didn't matter that Josie was teething and fussy and the house was falling apart at the seams. It didn't matter that I had started dinner late because Rob wasn't home from work yet and Dema was already very sleepy. I was making them, even when it meant I was nursing Josie to sleep while I was cooking. Josie is big reason why I finally made them. She loves za'tar. Sometimes Rob will come home and put za'tar on a piece of toast or dip bread in olive oil and then za'tar. Josie will be right there with him every time and she will lick the za'tar off the bread and ask for more. She will lick it off your finger if you offer some. She is nuts for the stuff. All the kids like it, but Josie is in love. One of Rob's co-workers gave us some homemade za'tar when he came back from a visit to his home country. It is even better than any za'tar we've been able to buy locally and this made me more determined to make the patties.
Verdict? I should have been making this recipe once a week. It wasn't hard or even terribly time consuming. I made brown rice to go with the patties so I had all four burners going at once plus the oven to keep them warm, but no big deal. It was really quite easy. If I wasn't nursing a toddler while cooking, it would have been quicker and easier. Thankfully, Rob came home and was my extra hands. Very yummy, but I'm a sucker for curry and coconut milk as well as za'tar and beans so I excepted to be happy. Unfortunately, Josie was suffering from teething so much she didn't feel like eating and Dema fell asleep on the couch before they were done, but they both had leftovers yesterday and gave them a thumbs up. We even tried the patties in a sandwich with the curry sauce as a spread...good, but it needed some greens. Another hit from Vegan Planet.


Meat-free Mike said...

Hi Linda, Do you think World Harvest or Euromart would carry commercially produced za'tar? I'd love to try using it sometime...bean patties & za'tar sauce might be akin to kofta in sauce? Just surmising. Looks yummy. Both Israeli & "Mid-east" veggy foods rock!

Billy said...

Hey Linda,

I know you were considering a pellet stove a while ago. If you're still considering one please contact me. I'd be happy to share a lot of information I've learned with you.

billy DOT amon AT gmail DOT com

VeganLinda said...

Mike, Yes, you can buy it at World Harvest.

Billy, I'll email you soon!