Sunday, February 1, 2009

Green on Green Soup

A long while ago, I was talking with my friends Jenny and Stephanie about all the recipes I print out from vegan food blogs and how it was hard to keep track of them. They both suggested I use a three-ring binder and plastic paper protectors to make my own book of favorite recipes. I know, so simple, I have no idea why I'd never done it before. I guess the buying plastic sleeves went against my loathing of all things plastic, but it is so worth it. The binder makes a lot of sense and it is so nice to be able to take the recipe out that I'm working with and not worry about it getting ruined (one time a bowl of water was spilled on my entire notebook and after day of drying out all the pages were fine). I see a recipe I like on a blog or elsewhere, print it out with reference to the place I found it, put in the notebook and then I don't have to worry about finding the blog again when I want to try it, I have it right in my kitchen.
I was flipping through my recipe book yesterday looking for some recipe I hadn't made before. I also had a drawn full of collards and kale I wanted to use. I saw the Green on Green Soup recipe from FatFree Vegan which I've meant to make for a while now, but never seem to have the sweet potato or enough greens left or something. I am a fan of green soups, as is Parker, so I'm biased, but this was excellent. I've mentioned before that we shoot for 10 different vegetables/fruits each day in our diet (with at least one being a leafy green) and I love that this soup covered five of them at once...bam! I didn't have any cashew butter so I threw in about a half a cup or so of cashews in at the second step. I served it with the suggested plain soy yogurt and added my beloved za'atar sprinkled on top, pink lady apples, and baked tofu.

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