Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cincinnati Suburb Chili

Another tester recipe from Robin Robertson's cookbook due out this year. This one is a keeper. I ended up with a lot of the pasta recipes this go around (I just noticed that tonight while I was making another tester recipe). They have all been great and unique so I didn't even notice the pasta link. The chili topping is great by itself and on top of the pasta it reminded me of a much more sophisticate version of a chili mac. Quick, simple, inexpensive, and yum!


Meat-free Mike said...

Very tasty looking...looks like a MUCH healthier version of "Skyline" chili.

VeganLinda said...

I had never heard of Skyline chili...I searched and now it all makes sense. In my pregan days I wouldn't have gone for something like this, but it was quite good!

Babette said...

I made the chili yesterday and it is quite yummy with the addition of the "cheese sauce". And it makes a lot.