Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Boys are Push Overs

I love the hands on the hips...sort of completes the picture.
I don't know if this will serve them well or not as they get older, but my boys are quite the little push overs for their female friends. I've seen this with local friends and now here is some evidence from our weekend spent with their cousin, Lillian. I adore Lillian and wish we lived closer so the kids could see each other more than a time or two a year, but it is interesting as parents of boys for almost nine years and a girl for only sixteen months to see the gender differences. Girls tend to like to direct play more than boys do. You often see boys (this is a generalization of course and I can already think of two friends who are male who also have this trait so don't attack me over this) playing a game and no one is "in charge". They go in and out of the game and no one seems to mind and there doesn't have to be a is almost "parallel play", but more interactive.In this picture you can see Lillian behind Dema after she put the finishing touch on his head.

When girls get involved, or many of the girls my boys play with including their little sister, it seems the boys are now just pawns in the master plan of the mind of the female. A little like grown-up life, perhaps?


4 is crazy said...

Totally true! Sadly in a house with 4 daughters NO ONE wants to be told what to do. Most fights here involve, "mom, she won't do what I want her to do/play."

Generalize away - here it is true. Luckily Rita likes to pretend to be a boy, and will be passive when she does. Much like her daddy.

Lisa -- Cravin' Veggies said...

Ha! So true! Girls are ALWAYS in charge of the situation!! There are, of course, times where they allow men to be in charge. LOL