Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I heard an ambulance, Rob was supposed to be on his bike on his way home. I hear ambulances a lot on my street, but this one made me feel funny...not in a laughing way. I put my coat on and ran outside to see what happened. I was hoping it wasn't my husband being hit by a car. A couple neighbors were outside too and no one knew what was going on. Then I saw the orange light bouncing around on the house across our park. A fire! I didn't even know who's house it was at this point, but tears came to my eyes. I went closer to the house and could see it was our "twin" house. We have two white houses on the corner of our little neighborhood park and the other white house was on fire. I could see people still in the house, but as the realization set in maybe six fire trucks had quickly appeared. I had to go back inside to be with the kids, but I could tell things would be under control...as much as a fire can be. We all watched from our windows and I went outside to see what was going on and talk to neighbors as much as the kids would allow. The smoke smell is so strong in our house, I can only imagine how bad it is for the house that is actually on fire. The sound of the crashing of windows has stopped...I hate that sound and assume it is the firefighters not the fire. It certainly brought out a lot of fire trucks. The houses are all older and very close together. It would be so easy for a fire to spread. Luckily, the wind is in our direction and we have a park between us and the house. The best case scenario for all neighboring houses. I hope everyone is okay.

Not a good year for Church St. in my town for fires.

12/17/08 Update: Here is the news story about the fire. Thanks to everyone who texted, called, emailed, etc. to see if we were okay. We went to another neighbor's party last night and even with all the fun (Santa Claus came and gave them gifts which is a new thing for them) they still had trouble getting to bed when we got home and this morning are talking non-stop about the fire. I'm just glad all the humans and furry animals are safe and so thankful the firefighters were so quick on the scene.


River said...

That is terrible! I hope nobody is hurt!

Anonymous said...

How awful! I hope everyone is ok.

Inanna said...

Oh dear! Another fire and so close! Glad it wasn't Rob, for sure. But feeling sad for your neighbors.

VeganLinda said...

From what I heard last night, everyone is fine. It is a house which has several apartments inside and one of the residents was missing a cat last night. I'm hoping the cat was found. My kids were excited to see all the fire trucks, but also scared and worried for our neighbors. It was a long night last night getting them to sleep.