Thursday, October 30, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake or VeganMoFo Day 24

I've blogged about my friend, Kris before and the amazing cakes she bakes. She is a big reason why my kids have vegan cake at most of the birthday parties we attend. She is incredibly talented. For you locals, you may want to check out her new website. (Even for non-locals, take a look and drool.) I highly recommend you contact Kris for your next cake worthy event. She doesn't just make vegan cakes, but I guarantee if you buy a vegan cake your guests won't know the difference.

Now I'm trying to think up a good reason to have her make a cake...maybe my birthday. It is coming up soon.


4 is crazy said...

I also used to try to come up with reasons for Kris to make a cake!

mom2owen1 said...

you are too sweet. making me blush. kris

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Linda! I am really enjoying reading about your cooking adventures! I have never been so excited about cooking since I stopped eating meat. There is such a freedom in it, I think.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you today and am praying for you this evening. I hope that you have a WONDERFUL rest of your day. Take care, Robin

VeganLinda said...

Robin, I'm sooo glad you are excited about cooking. I really think meatless eating can be very freeing and creative. I know it really opened up my palate to get the meat out off my plate. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers! Hope you are having a great week yourself and have fun cooking!