Monday, October 20, 2008

Freeze Tag or VeganMoFo Day 16

I was tagged by sweet Lisa at Cravin' Veggies to show my freezer. I saw this tag game start with Billy over at Vegan Talk and I thought it was a cute idea, but I was sort of hoping it would not stop by my freezer because it is obviously in dire need of cleaning. I guess I have nothing to hide from you all so here it is in all its loveliness. Pay no attention to the stray berries at the bottom of the freezer. I have one of the "freezer on the bottom" refrigerators because I thought it would be more environmentally friendly, but it is also down at just the right height for all the children to open it (losing any energy savings, I am sure) and snag some frozen fruit whenever the mood hits.
So, what do we have here?
Top shelf: Baking soda, hazelnut flour, frozen pizza crust from the co-op, tofu (I don't use frozen tofu very often and I bet I put it in the freezer because it was about to expire, but that may have been a year ago. Can anyone tell me if it is somehow suspended in time and has not gone bad despite the expiration date just by being in my home freezer?), two bags of whole flax seeds (communication problem between me and the hubby), organic frozen fruit (cherries, strawberries, mangoes), organic bananas frozen in a Pyrex container, way in the back is several packages of different types of whole wheat and or sprouted tortillas, two of those light up things you put on your wrist or around your neck at night events (given to the kids by our neighbor Vicky and she said they would last longer in the freezer so there they sit).
Bottom shelf: Organic whole wheat flour, organic all purpose flour (I always put my flours and bulk items in the freezer for at least a week before I transfer them to containers outside of the freezer...I think this might kill any moth eggs or whathaveyou, but it probably makes no difference aside from annoying my husband), whole wheat pita bread, misc. frozen beans, bread from the natural food store (I usually buy up several loaves at a time and defrost them as I need the bread...I know, I need to start baking my own, but they have very good vegan bread), a 1 lb bag of oregano I bought when we were in a buying club a couple years ago and I'm gradually going through it (stop on buy and take some), organic frozen vegetables (spinach, peas, corn, broccoli), a huge bag of ice is under all that because we don't like ice in our drinks normally so we don't own ice cube trays (I also don't like plastic or aluminum which most ice cube trays are one or the other), but we do like to entertain so the bag of ice is from our last party, I think there is some philo dough in there somewhere, and some vegan meatballs which our friends Matthew and Sandra gave us before moving out to Portland (vegan mecca) over a year ago (we really did use most of the food you gave us and we are grateful, just not vegan meatball fans).
We have a small deep freeze in the basement, but I have literally not opened it since we moved into this house (almost 2 years ago now). The only thing I know is in the deep freeze is the placenta from Dema's birth. Now aren't you glad I spared you that picture?

If you are vegan and want to show us your freezer, consider yourself tagged.


half pint pixie said...

I think I have ancient tofu in my freezer too :) I had also tagged you for this but went on holidays and forgot to tell you, oops ;-)

VeganLinda said...

HPP, How did I miss that? I've been reading blogs a lot on my iPhone because I have less and less time at a real computer so I'm probably going blind. :-) I love all your cookbook reviews! Good luck on the gentle weaning. I'm sure you'll find a balance which works for both you and the little one. I was glad to see you and Mr. HPP are thinking of having another baby at some time. You are awesome parents!!