Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chickpea Chippie or VeganMoFo Day 8

Okay, I'm a little old and married to be considered a "chippie", but I do have a thing for chickpeas. Give me a dish with chickpeas and I'm hooked, they have me at hello. Sure, there is hummus (with all the variations, one could fill a cookbook with just hummus), but oh so much more. Why chow down on chickpeas? How about for the Calcium, Iron, Protein, Copper, Folate, Manganese, and even some Vitamin C (nutrition analysis here). We buy our dried organic chickpeas in bulk, soak 'em, and cook 'em, eat 'em, and repeat. Inexpensive and healthy! The kids will eat cooked chickpeas naked so most days I have to give them a bowl to nosh on while I use the rest in a real recipe. Last night I made Lemon Chickpea Lentil Soup from Eat, Drink and Be Vegan for the first time (but not the last). It was, of course, a hit. Simple yet satisfying. The protein and iron double punch of chickpeas and lentils is sure to be a favorite on cold evenings. I used up the rest of our pears from the neighbor's tree. I was hoping to try something different, but the boys begged for more pear apple sauce so that is what we had hot from the crockpot. I made some Tamari Roasted Chickpeas (used blackstrap molasses again) with the remaining chickpeas (really you can't have too many of these cute little legumes) and Rob sauteed some kale and garlic since I was going into kale withdrawl. There was enough soup left for lunch today and it was even better than last night. I added leftover brown rice to mine and it hit the spot.


4 is crazy said...

My girls love chickpeas, though they have different names for them.

Misc said...

That looks so yummy. I keep lots of beans in the house and use them to bulk up dishes so I can reduce the amount of meat. I've been dreaming of a veggie chili and hoping the weather would cool off so I can make it (maybe next week).

My daughter likes hummus (it's one of the few foods on her approved food list [i.e., things that she will actually eat without complaining]). She may try chickpeas, but I'll have to think of a creative way to sell them to her. Any ideas? My son'll eat just about anything, so he'll be down for the 'peas.

I will have to try that soup.