Saturday, September 13, 2008

No Hurry Vegetable Curry

We had another afternoon of swimming at the Vicky's (she accidentally left the heater on in the pool all night so we couldn't waste the warm water, even while it was raining...the water temp was 86 degrees and it felt great!). I do think this was officially the last swim of the year though. Well, we had the No Hurry Vegetable Curry tonight which I intended for dinner last night. It just took two days to cook (now that is slow cooking) since I'm such a dope, but it was good and I would make it again. We didn't have any brown rice left so we cooked up some basmati and warmed up some pita bread we had in the freezer. Parker ate two large plates full. Sorry about the picture!

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fredbunch said...

Hey - did you ever get a chance to mail those diapers or did I give you the wrong address? Hope you're all doing good!