Saturday, September 6, 2008

Indian and Okra

Friday evening I had every intention of cooking, but I ended up being at our neighbor's house when Rob arrived home. He let us know the owner of Bombay Indian Grill called him to let him know their First St. location was open. (It is possible that Rob frequents BIG a little too often for lunch.) Thus, we ended up all going (four adults and five kids) on our bikes out to eat again. They understandably were a little slow with the service and a little fumbling about seating us all, but it was worth it. It was the best Indian food I've eaten in a restaurant in C-U. It was much better than their Green St. location food (the menu is somewhat different). We especially enjoyed the Bhindi. Josie loved the fennel seeds as we left. She is crazy for them. It was a lovely evening.Today we biked to the Market at the Square and talked to two other Xtracycle owners (one we know and one is new to the area). I was engaged for a while to a guy who drove a Corvette. There was a special sort of comraderie for Corvette owners. They would do this little wave or nod when they drove past each other. Well, owning an Xtracycle is a little like this, but oh so much greener. Anyway, we did our market shopping which included a huge watermelon (I think it weighs more than Dema), a ton of okra, kale, mixed salad greens, and tomatoes. Next we went to Common Ground and I'm hoping we can get by all week with this shopping. We'll see. I wasn't super organized so we may need to make a run mid-week. For lunch, I made (for probably the last time this season since it tastes best with fresh tomatoes) Super Quick Tomato Basil Cream Pasta and Rob fried up some okra (olive oil, nutritional yeast, flour, and a little salt). Parker and Josie can't get enough of Rob's okra lately.

After lunch I went for a bike ride with our neighbor, Deborah. Folks, I am out of shape with a capital "O". We did about 22 miles and Deborah was so sweet to not complain about my slow pace. I have't been riding for more than getting around town since we moved in to this house almost 2 years ago so I guess I should give myself a break. It was so nice to be riding my road bike. I love my Xtracycle, but I feel so light and free on my Lemond. This ride did convince me finally to look into clipless pedals. I hope we can make these rides somewhat regular now that Josie is almost 1!


Meat-free Mike said...

Ok Linda, I'll try the new BIG after they get a time to settle. You've convinced me to give it a chance! :) Do they have or will they have a buffet?

VeganLinda said...


Let me know if you like it. Rob says they will have a buffet on the weekends.