Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Out of the Can

I always feel terribly guilty eating anything out of a can, mostly because of BPA. I look for foods which are sold in jars over cans, but once in a while I buy cans for convenience or if there isn't a jarred version (like coconut milk). If I buy canned beans or other products, I try to buy Eden Foods since they are supposed to have BPA-free cans. On top of the BPA issue, canned food (or jarred for that matter) is never as good as making it yourself, but once in a while I submit to my lamer evil side for lunch. To accompany their almond butter and jelly on whole wheat bread sandwiches, I opened some Jyoti Punjabi Chhole, added some rice milk and another can of chickpeas while it was heating up. I would have added peas and/or carrots, but I didn't. I served it over quinoa because I adore quinoa and to add some nutrition. The kids loved it. The next day I added cashews and raisins to the leftovers and they ate it for breakfast. I wouldn't suggest this everyday, but it fine for a quick grab and go food once in a while.

Dema-isms Today or Out of the Mouth of a Four Year Old:

Thud and shrieking cries, as I assessed the situation to see that Dema wasn't seriously hurt (no ER visit type stuff)...
Me: (as empathetically as possible) I told you to stop and you didn't stop (doing a "cannonball" off the bottom bunk of his bed onto some pillows), sweetie. (I know, too much "I told you so." which I hate, but I did tell him at least twenty times to stop.)
Dema: (Upset, through the tears.) Well, you are not a traffic light, mom!
Lots of hugs and then off to jump off the bed again.

Me: Do you want to bring your peanut butter pretzels out (to the park where we were the only people there) and eat them?
Dema: (He stops playing with a worried look on his face.) Mom! Someone might have a peanut allergy! The peanut products stay inside.

As we are driving away from the co-op today, we saw a cop pull someone over. Dema quickly rolls down his window and shouts while waving, "Hi, police officer!" I have one headlight out so I didn't exactly need Dema calling attention to my car.

Dema also officially learned to swim today at our neighbor, Vicky's pool. Yeah!

What Josie is up to:

She hates her car seat so much that she has recently started sticking her hand down her throat while in the car until she gags and spits up. What in the world? She doesn't do it at any other time. I guess this girl really wants us to go car-free.

Parker's Job:

Parker waters our neighbor's plants and she gives him Legos after a certain number of waterings. He came in to put the Legos together and said, "I really love the Legos, but I am going to tell, Margie, that I want to rake her leaves this fall, but only if she stops giving me things. I just want to be a good neighbor."


fredbunch said...

Hey - I emailed you about some diapers. Did you get my email? If not, I can post my questions here. Just let me know!



VeganLinda said...


Sorry! I just sent you an email.

Loretta said...

Your kids are so awesome, Linda! Well, maybe not the whole making yourself throw up thing, but Josie's pretty great otherwise. :) I did LOL at Dema's "You're not a traffic light" comment. Very cute and creative! :)

VeganLinda said...

I am a tad worried about the making herself throw up thing, but I'm trying to ignore it since she feeds on any sort of response to things. Dema has decided he is going to be a police officer and I'm pretty sure he'll be a traffic cop since he is a stickler about traffic violations. He will ask me why I turn right at red lights and why I don't turn left at green lights (traffic coming), etc. Crazy kids. LOL

The Voracious Vegan said...

Your kids are too much! They sound like absolute sweeties...and funny too! Great blog.

Cravin' Veggies said...

Awwwww... so cute! My son used to to the same thing Josie is doing when he was in a car seat. Very frustrating. I think it was a separation thing. He is the oldest, so there was no one in the back seat with him and he didn't like it.

Your boys are very conscientious, which means YOU are doing a great job (since they are obviously learning these things from you and Rob!!).

My kids love doing things for neighbors and really get offended when they are offered money for helping.


The Fearless Freak said...

"Well, you are not a traffic light, mom!" I am LMAO at that comment. Dema is a funny kid :)

And around here, the answer is usually "I'm very sorry that you got hurt but that is what happens when you *do whatever dangerous activity* I asked you to stop doing. Would you like some kisses?"

Bianca said...

I love that your daughter has taught herself to throw up when she's not happy in the car! That's so funny.

Loretta said...

You know, I was just thinking about carseats, and I wonder if turning Josie around so she can see you while you're driving might stop the throwing up. Maybe it's some sort of separation anxiety or something? I know you should keep kids rear facing for as long as possible after they're a year old, but I think that keeping your child from vomiting every time you're in the car is a pretty darn good reason for turning her around after her birthday. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda! Thank you so much for the sweet award and comments.

I just get the biggest kick out of your kids. They are some of the sweetest and most thoughtful I have ever known. Well, I don't "know" them but you know what I mean.