Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Curative Comfort Food

We took it easy on Dema's stomach today with Sunbutter and pomegranate jelly on English muffins for breakfast and a little sorbet for lunch. We thought we were out of the vomiting woods until this late afternoon when he proceeded to throw up the healthiest pleasure in the universe in front of some friends. I thought our guests took it quite well with just a few ews and "man, is he done?" before they went back to playing trains. The actual puking was fairly quick and painless for Dema and he just continued to watch them all play from his bunkbed. I hope he did not pass it on to anyone (I am apologizing in advance, Cynthia!). Dema was very impressed with Blizza's Pomegranate Sorbet so don't let the fact that he didn't actually digest it keep you from trying it. It is very yummy stuff. The healthiest pleasure in the universe? I'm not so sure (I mean there are so many pleasurable things which are also husband brings home articles about how good sex is for you all the time), but Blizza's Pomegranate Sorbet is good nonetheless.This evening, I decided to go with pureed food to help Dema keep it all down and we had some summer squash from the Market at the Square and I saw FatFreeVegan's recipe for Sunny Summer Squash Soup and knew this was fate. I can never leave well enough alone so here are the changes I made to her already tasty recipe (not to distract you from following hers to a T):
I used more yellow squash...probably 3 lbs (whatever we had around).
I was lame and just used fresh group black pepper.
I used 2 cups of water and 2 cups of vegetable broth instead of 4 cups veg broth.
I used fresh ground red pepper flakes instead of a hot pepper.
I threw in about 1/4 cup of pine nuts for no other reason than when I opened the refrigerator door they seemed to whisper "use me, use me" and so I did. I'm sure I bought them for some other recipe, but what it was escapes me and now they are gone.
I added about twice as much salt, pepper, and oregano.
I don't like using non-stick pans so I used a little olive oil (or EVOO - I just learned that from watching a cooking show at my sister's house...I know I am so behind the times and since it was organic I guess it should be OEVOO) for the onions.
I garnished with roasted red peppers we made this weekend.
I had no problem using my immersion blender so that saved a few steps.
I highly recommend the optional ingredients.
Rob put hot sauce on his, but the kids and I liked ours just the way it was...sort of reminded me of Mulligatawny or a Mediterranean lentil soup, but it has no lentils.
It is a great meal for little ones.
Now, go ahead and make it! Simple, yummy, summery, what more do you want?

I used up some green beans from the farmers' market which Rob steamed the other night at the kids' request, fresh tomato slices from the farmers' market, and some leftover hummus from Sunday's brunch. The drink is Pina Colada Smoothie using canned pineapple instead of fresh since that is what I had on hand. The chard from the market had red and yellow stems so the flecks of green, red, and yellow were much more interesting this time. Too bad it does not photograph well. Actually, I just have awful lighting in my house and rarely cook dinner before dark in the summertime so no natural light.

Hopefully, all this good nutritious food will stay inside Dema, make him feel better, and keep the rest of us healthy!


Stef said...

How is Dema's stomach? Poor guy!

VeganLinda said...


Dema is fine, but Parker's stomach started feeling bad tonight so we didn't leave for Chicago. We are hoping he feels better tomorrow morning. Parker hasn't thrown up, but he doesn't want to be far from a bathroom if you know what I mean. :-(

Stef said...

Oh, poor guy, the stomach flu passes so fast. I am sending you thoughts of ginger & bananas until the bellies are well!