Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back in the Bike Saddle

First I will apologize that all the pictures were taken with my iPhone so the quality is not great, but it was too crazy of a day to find our real camera.
We started out this morning biking to the hardware store to finally get bolts for the Peapod bike seat on my Xtracycle. I pulled Josie and Parker in Chariot trailer on my bike and Dema sat on the snap deck of Rob's Xtracycle. Josie was not happy about her helmet so I decided to keep her in the Chariot instead of moving her to the Peapod once we'd put the bolts on. She was happy as a clam as soon as she settled in next to Parker without her helmet. Next we went Urbana for the Market at the Square. The market was crazy busy and we ran into a lot of people we know, but the boys were most excited about chatting with the paramedics in the ambulance and the firefighters in the firetruck. Don't worry, no one was hurt, they were just there for the children. Dema talked to the paramedics for a long time telling them about his stitches and about the nice doctor (he remember his name) who stitched him up. Dema would love to be paramedic or so he thinks today. I learned a lot about how many calls they get a day and their coverage area and how long (actually very quickly) it would take them to get to our house.Next we went shopping at Common Ground Food Co-op's new location (conveniently right inside the mall from the market). Parker had his plastic firefighter hat on thanks to the firefighters we had three hats to carry on the bikes all day. Common Ground is so nice and I look forward to shopping there when it isn't opening day and crazy packed. I am very impressed. Go yourself and check it out!We had lunch at a Chrystal Lake Park, which is also in Urbana, with Rob's co-workers at the company picnic. His company had food (some of it vegan and very good), inflatable games, and a magician. Dema wanted to go boating with our friend Maulik, but he went in Rob's boat instead. Maulik is Dema's buddy and he adores him.After the picnic was Sammy and Izzy's birthday party where we were all so happy to get wet since we were all pretty sweaty and the kids had a marvelous time going down the water slide. Parker was surprisingly good at the donut on the string game (you have to eat the donut hanging from a string without using hands). Catharine and Ricky were so sweet and thoughtful to use vegan Mexican wedding cookies for our kids instead of the donuts. We hung out after the party, chatted, played with the new toys, ate all the snacks, and eventually we all went to the Sweetcorn Festival. Parker loves festivals so we couldn't possibly miss it. Parker, Dema, Sammy, and Izzy played on all the blowup slides, etc. (not free like they were at the picnic) and Parker even rode the mechanical bull. Since we we rode our bikes to the festival, we received free tickets for sweetcorn (which was apparently from Illinois this year, not shipped in from other states!) which was nice since all the fun stuff is unbelievably expensive.I couldn't help but think of last year's Sweetcorn Festival and how it was hot and tiring and busy then we went to a wooded area to have my pregnancy pictures taken by our friend, Stacey. I was all swollen, hot, and the mosquitoes were horrible. The kids were hot and tired and done, but it was worth it to get pictures of my last baby before she was born. I highly recommend maternity pictures, but try not to do it outside on an extremely hot day after your kids have already spent the entire day at a festival. I love being pregnant, but I don't miss being huge in the heat of late summer.We had to rush home from the festival this year to beat the darkness since we forgot to put our lights on our bikes. Luckily for me, Rob ended up with the little ones in the Chariot and Parker on the snap deck so all I had to do is ride. I should have taken a picture of him right next to the bus so you could see how long he was. All in all it was a lovely, fun, busy day!


Cravin' Veggies said...

That was all in one day??? How are you still awake???

half pint pixie said...

Beautiful belly shot, and how cool is that bike!