Thursday, July 31, 2008

Camera Kaput?

We've had beautiful weather the entire time we've been in NC. Sure, a quick rain here and there, but during the day beautiful. Then this evening we go out for a little family dip in the ocean while the rest of the clan was out eating seafood (Dema was sad about them eating fish, but he said he loved them and would miss them...I'm pretty sure he was talking about the relatives, but it works for the fish as well...I caught him hugging the Marc's family's eggs in the refrigerator earlier today and he said he wanted to take them back to the farm and give them back to the chickens so they could hatch). On the way in, I put down the camera to keep it from getting wet while the kids hosed off the sand. Then later this evening an impressive dark cloud rolled in and we went out to gaze at the sky. I still did not remember to bring in the camera. The rain came down and ended...and I finally remembered the camera! It is wet, but seems to be in working order. I hope it lasts until I download all the pictures from this trip!!P.S. This is a picture Rob took of me writing this blog entry. He was sure the camera was fine, but it was acting funky after getting soaked so I didn't use it the rest of the trip. I started to once and it flaked out on me. I just wanted to get it home and get the pictures I'd already taken off the memory card, but I should have taken more pictures. :-(

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