Sunday, June 29, 2008

Polluting Plastics

This post is dedicated to our cousin, Fredbunch, since she asked about plastics. Here are some links to help people understand the health and environmental issues (as if health and environment weren't linked anyway) with specific plastics. Of course, all plastic has its costs and dangers, but here are some of the issues.

I believe most people have heard of the problems regarding PVC, but here you go:

10 Reasons to Avoid PVC

BPA is back in the limelight again recently and as someone who is a retailer for stainless steel water bottles, I can tell you this time people do seem to be listening. I can barely keep them in stock! We've been using stainless steel water bottles for many years, but the canned food issue is quite distressing. We try to eat fresh as much as possible, but we do love our tomatoes and during the winter months there is no way to avoid canned (we don't grow even close to enough to get us through).

How to Avoid BPA

If all that is not enough...

Adverse Health Effects of Plastics

We don't have a microwave so we don't worry about what plastics you can or can't microwave so that is one less worry I suppose. We store our food in stainless steel or glass containers and cook with cast iron, stainless steel, or glass and avoid non-stick cooking surfaces like Teflon. We try not to buy plastic toys (we do have some sand toys for the beach and we do have a few plastic toys which were given to us which we use as outside toys). But, we do buy frozen foods which are in plastic bags, we buy soy yogurt (plastic containers), and other things which seem almost unavoidable. In an ironic twist, Parker has a patch over a hole in his heart made of basically Gore-tex. Anyone have some tips on how to cut down more on our plastic consumption?

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