Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Movie Review

I didn't actually see any movies this weekend because Rob was out of town and was up late with Parker and up early with Dema so no time to myself. Here are some movies I watched last weekend and didn't get a chance to mention.

Movie Review:

Amazing Grace
I think this is a good family movie for kids who are old enough to understand slavery and politics. I like movies which will provoke discussion with the kids afterwards. It is a true story (with, as always, some creative embellishments) about the British abolition movement. I thought the acting was quite good, as was the message. It also made me want to read more about the British side of the slave trade which isn't really talked about in school in the US. I was a little disappointed how almost the entire film is from a "white" perspective, but that seems to be the part of the story which is being told. It was interesting to see the legislative battle for such an important topic.

I really like Klimt's work and we have the book "Klimt and His Cat" by Berenice Capatti which Parker enjoys and he likes movies about artists so I ordered this one from Netflix. Parker was out in seconds (thankfully) and although I watched the entire movie I had that feeling of time slipping away which I will never get back. I knew with John Malkovich playing Klimt that the movie would be, well, different, but it was just a little too much for my taste. I suppose the guys (Rob was completely uninterested and didn't watch it) might enjoy the movie for the nudity (which could be described as artistic), but overall the movie was a little to "artsy" for me. Maybe I'll have to read more about Klimt and watch the movie again.

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