Friday, June 13, 2008

Health and Healing

Dema had his stitches removed Wednesday. He was great about it, of course, and is healing well.

I have the kids tested for lead yearly since we moved into the old house. We've had a complete (garage and soil too) lead assessment of our house and we know where potential problem spots are (not really an issue until we start on remodeling projects). I just have them tested as a precaution. Since they are drawing blood anyway, I always have them do a B12 test and a CBC (complete blood count) as well. So Dema and Josie both had blood taken Wednesday since we were at the doctor anyway. Dema is amazing. He watched the needle go in and is fascinated by the blood coming out. I am much worse than he is...last year they had to give me water and I couldn't stand up right away after watching Parker's blood draw. I used to be awful about having my own blood taken, but I got over that during my pregnancy with Parker. I still am not a blood donor like Rob though. Josie wasn't too happy about the prick, but did great as well. She forgave me quickly when she was able to eat her first sucker. We received the results already and everyone is fine and healthy as expected. I didn't need the numbers to tell me that, but I like to know.

We are hoping for a nice quiet weekend. The weather is supposed to be beautiful here. I hope you all have wonderful weather and a Happy Father's Day!

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Anonymous said...

OH my! Dema looks JUST LIKE YOU in this shot! Wow!