Saturday, June 7, 2008

Awesome Aunt and Nine Months Old

Josie is nine months old today (my sister's birthday!). She (Josie, not my sister) is pulling up and "cruising" furniture, waving hi and bye, saying some words which sound like "Parker, brother, hello, bye, mama, dada, ball" (you know, the usual, but it could be just babbling). I have to say my sister, Karen, is an awesome aunt. She came over to help me out one day and took the kids to the park. I went out to check on them and she had Josie asleep! No one can get Josie asleep these days except for me and not only did she have Josie asleep, but she was able to lay her down on the ground and keep her asleep. Josie is no Dema and will usually wake up if I put her down. Karen is amazing!
Josie spends a lot of time riding around in my various carriers (here she is in my organic Ergo), usually on my back (sometimes she rides in a carrier on Parker). She loves to go for walks, especially downtown.
Josie is very sure of herself and what she wants and makes those wants/needs known. She likes the water (has been in our neighbor's Vicky and Greg's pool...we'll get pictures next time), but doesn't like to get splashed. She loves baths with her brothers so I'm guessing she'll get used to splashing. Quite often, I feel like she is much smarter than the rest of us and she is just trying to figure out why we aren't up to speed with her yet.Josie still loves (although she is not slowing down any on the nursing front) to eat and I can tell she'll be like her brothers and like to cook too. So far, we haven't found a food she doesn't like.Josie likes the new Champaign Public Library better than I do and has taught me to get used to new things and to see the bright spots even if I don't like the entire picture. Dema is enjoying the Legos (surprise, surprise) in the background.People are always saying Josie and Dema look a lot alike so here is proof that they are in fact two different people. Have I mentioned she loves to take her clothes in and out of her drawer now. Her favorite thing remains watching her big brothers and they are both so much help with her. Rob's dad, Mike, is in town from North Carolina this weekend, but unfortunately Josie is going through that nine month phase where she won't go to most people who aren't mom and dad. Again, Karen is amazing and will keep her happy for a bit. I'm hoping before Mike leaves we'll be able to snap a picture of him with Josie.
Josie still only has one tooth, but is fascinated with brushing teeth and loves to "help" us out with dental hygiene.
She has taken up "reading" instead of chewing on books. She still loves the outdoors (especially in the hot muggy weather we've had of late...have I mentioned we don't have air conditioning?) just as the boys do so we often end up at the park enjoying the shade with books and a blanket (and maybe a snack or two).


4 is crazy said...

What a sweet post after your tough week :)

Leeanthro said...

What a big girl!

Isn't it crazy how in such a short time kids can develop such a personality?

We were at the park this morning and I saw your husband bring her out for a second. But it was too early in the morning to drop by anyone's house unannounced.

Loretta said...

Happy 9 monthiversary, Josie! Goodness, time flies!

The Fearless Freak said...

Holy buckets, does she ever look like Dema! I cant believe she is 9 months old, that is just crazy. She is certainly a cutie :)

VeganLinda said...

4 is crazy, it was really nice to post something fluffy after Dema's trauma.

Leeanthro, you should have come over for brunch. :-)

Loretta, I know it goes by way too fast!

TFF, Thanks! Your kids are growing so much! Sounds like you had a great vacation!