Friday, May 2, 2008


We've been enjoying the weather and staying away from the computer, but today is rainy so I'll catch you up on our lives. Dema has discovered mountain biking. Our neighbors Vicky and Greg have a hill in their backyard (from digging out the in-ground pool). We were chatting with Vicky as Dema was riding his Like-a-Bike last weekend and he uncharacteristicly went into her backyard without asking. He went straight for her hill and started going down as fast as he could (which is pretty fast on a bike without brakes) on all sides. Parker joined in since Vicky is so nice and said it was fine for the boys to use the hill. I stood and watched, taking pictures with my phone from time to time, and making sure they didn't destroy her flowers. The boys went up and down over and over until Parker found it hard to ride his bike up the hill and had to walk it. Dema didn't think going down the hill without brakes was exciting enough so he would go down the side which has a pile of bricks at the bottom or the side where the sticks were piled up. I figured Greg was home and an ER doctor so it would all be okay. Then Dema had a particularly bad fall when a stick caught in his wheel, but he didn't cry so I thought all was well. A few seconds passed and he wasn't moving at all...I started to worry. I called to him as I quickly walked over and he didn't answer. I looked down at him and his eyes were open, but still no response then I bent down and said "Dema" again...starting to really worry at this point...when he stands up quickly and looks at me with eyes shining and wild and says in a quiet almost reverent tone and his body tense with excitement, "That was AWESOME!!!!"

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