Friday, May 30, 2008

Pancake Eyes and Artful Friday

Dema woke up this morning, found me working on the computer (luckily the camera was sitting on my desk) and said quite sweetly, "I would love pancakes this morning. Will you make some, please?" and I could not say anything but "Yes, yes, yes" to those sleepypuppy dog eyes. He hasn't asked for pancakes in quite a while and I had no reason not to make them. I tried the Vegan with a Vengeance recipe this time and the kids ate them all up so there is no picture of the actual pancakes. Rob was out for an early morning bike ride with our neighbor, Scott, so Rob even had a quick pancake after his shower and getting back on his bike to head off to work.

We had a wonderful homeschool art class at the U of I Arboretum. The kids had fun doing observational drawings of flowers and then painting with water colors. We were supposed to bring lunch and have a little picnic, but I went against my better judgment since I had a customer coming over close to lunch-time and decided to skip out on the picnic. Never again! I had leftovers to take and it would have been no trouble at all, but I gave the boys the choice and told them how we would have to hurry home after the art class. The art part of art class was over and we still had a little time before I had to meet the customer and I said the kids could run around in the wide open space for a while until we had to go, but Dema is a picnic moocher and can not pass up seeing fresh fruit and you see the eyes he gives people. I felt bad for the other moms who were super sweet about sharing and who apologized for not having more vegan offerings, but it put everyone in a tough position. It is bad enough when you make this call and you all eat the same foods, but never, ever, ever make this call as a vegan. It then looks like the "poor vegan kids" have nothing to eat. Ugh! Aside from this major faux pas on my part, it was a lovely morning and I am extremely happy Lori has decided to continue the art classes through the summer. I really appreciate how she and other parents in our little community offer up their time and talents to other homeschooling families. It really is something quite special. We are so lucky. I will have to take a treat for the teacher (and all the kids, including my own) next class.

I'm happy Parker has learned to let go of perfection and roll with the punches more. Dema accidentally splattered blue pain on his picture and Parker didn't get upset and decided it was just some "sky" and a little yellow got of the white petal in his drawing and he deemed it "pollen" and was fine. Parker is very slow and steady with his drawing, even at home. He seems to enjoy it, but like he is with many other things (eating, cooking, etc.) he likes to take his time and savor and think. I am glad he doesn't take himself so awfully serious these days.

Josie had fun watching everything and I have to force her to sit down these days. She wants to stand and experience everything. She was sporting her red bamboo shirt today which went with the blood on her cut toe. Dema, our future doctor, was very interested in the blood and Josie didn't even notice it a bit. I guess I need to start putting her Isabooties on now that she wants to cruise around. I don't know why my camera makes her look more Illini orange than red, but one of the other mom's at the class took a picture which shows the colors beautifully. I have camera envy, but it could very well be the person taking the pictures. Josie conked out during the picnic portion of the day which was one of the reasons I stayed instead of avoiding the awkward food situation. Josie was so completely, peacefully sleeping and it was such a nice day. It all turned out okay.

PS. So I received an email from Lori and she called me out (actually she called me an idiot, but I'm sure she meant it with love). I didn't even know she read my blog so I'm honored, but the point is she says no one pitied my vegan kids and we are vegan, we don't have polio...this last bit made me laugh so hard I snorted. Anyway, I am a drama queen and have to have something to whine about or everyone would puke when they read my blog because I'm all "I'm so lucky this" or "I'm so happy that". I know the art class group is super sweet and generous and would feed my kids no matter what they ate or didn't eat...did I mention Lori also had to give us cold water? I brought some, but not enough...sigh. Anyway, it was no big thang and I'm just a moaner 'cause I like a good relaxing picnic with great people and over-scheduled (again!).


Anonymous said...

I like that pancake recipe but when I make them I add a little cinnamon (not sure if that's very kid friendly) and I add some apple cider vinegar to the soymilk to let it curdle. It makes the pancakes really fluffy.

Cynthia said...

I really think Parker is a talented little artist....

Stef said...

There is no way I could say no to that face, oh boy are you in trouble! I have just started putting booties more on Ollie when we go out as well, I wish he could be barefoot all the time, but the ground can be a dangerous place for the baby toes. I miss you guys already, but the unpacking that will take 10 years is keeping us super busy.

VeganLinda said...

VV, we do put cinnamon in them and it is yummy! I will use the apple cider vinegar next time, great tip!

Cynthia, He loves to draw and even last night after the tornado warning he had to come upstairs and finish a drawing. Who's kid is he? Rob and I don't have an artist bone in our bodies. Dema wants to be a rock star so I figure I may have to send him over to your house for lessons.

Stef, I am in trouble in sooo many ways with Dema! Isn't it amazing how much stuff one can have once one has a child? I used to be able to pack everything into a car and move...maybe that is just being 30-something and not just being a parent. I wish I could come up and help unpack, but with my pack of kids it would not be helpful.