Monday, April 7, 2008

Seven Months Old

Josie is seven months old today! I always think of seven being Josie's special number. She was born on September (which of course is our ninth month, but it was the seventh month in the Roman calendar and comes from the Latin word for seven) 7 of 2007. I know, I'm crazy, but for this reason, her seventh month seems special to me.
We took the bus to the library and boys checked out the book, Josie to the Rescue by Marilyn Singer in honor of her seven month-aversary. It is a cute book and the boys thought it was so much fun to have a book about "Josie". We walked around downtown Urbana for a while enjoying the weather and decided to eat a late lunch on our porch when we arrived home. Josie helped the boys eat their avocado sandwiches and zippy kale and tofu and watched the people and cars go by.
Josie still doesn't have any teeth yet, but she eats pretty much everything. I cook with her on my back in a carrier and most of the time she wants me to feed her some of what I'm cooking the entire time. She seems to like any food, bland or spicy, any texture. She still nurses a ton, of course, but she loves food as well. She couldn't get enough of the Curried Lentils with Carrots and Peas the other day.
Josie loves to be outside and would pretty much live outside if we could. She has fun swinging at the park. Dema is still trying to learn how fast he can push her in the swing, but he is pretty good most of the time. She adores the boys more and more and nothing makes her smile like they do. She is a very smiley baby. The photos don't always reflect that because she is still weirded out by the flash and the red eye thing on the camera. She'll smile and then look very concerned when she sees the lights on the camera. She smiles to everyone and it is contagious. A couple months ago I was at a park with Josie on my lap facing the other way. I noticed two men looking at me and smiling really big and I was wondering "Do I know them?" and they kept smiling and then waved a little and I was surprised, I mean we were all there with our kids and they seemed to be flirting, what the heck? I went over to say "hi" to the guys just in case they did know me and realized at that point they had been "flirting" with Josie, not me. Duh! I was sort of creeped out until then. I don't remember the boys being this smiley at strangers.I had a meeting to get to tonight and Rob arrived home late from work so I thought I'd stay with the theme and whip up some Sloppy Josie Jos on sprouted wheat buns. I added diced carrots to the sloppy jos this time, but we didn't have any avocado left and I think avocado just makes these. I decided to try the Cashew "Cheese" Sauce from the Saucy Vegetarian by Joanne Stepaniak for the whole wheat pasta. Rob prefers the Esme Sauce, but I thought it was a nice mild flavor and Parker ate three helpings. I meant to make some steamed broccoli, but forgot until it was too late and I had to eat and run.This picture is from a couple days ago. Parker said she looked like a "farmer" and I have to agree she did kinda look like my Granpa John. Most days she looks like a combination of Rob and my mother which is strange if you say it like that, but works well for her. She is pretty laid back and happy, but will escalate and let you know when she needs something or isn't thrilled about a situation. She adores Rob and I love to see her hug him while he holds her. She is definitely a "sucker" baby as Rob calls them...a baby which suckers you into having another baby. I'm super happy with three, but I don't have that feeling people talk about when they know they are "done" having children. I'm not there yet.


Loretta said...

Happy Seven Month-iversary, Josie! I can't believe it's already been seven months!

I hear ya about those sucker babies--I seem to have one of those myself. I keep saying I'm done, but darn it, if T doesn't make me second-guess myself every single day. (Don't tell David!! This is my own little secret for the time being.)

VeganLinda said...

Your secret is safe with me. :-) We need to get together soon!