Friday, April 11, 2008

One and None Rhyme

Or how to drive your almost four year old little boy crazy without even trying. We've had a crazy mostly fun day full of things to do mostly kid-friendly. Then I receive a big game shipment for the business that I've been expecting from Canada. Dema ADORES the co-operative games....LOVES them in a way I didn't think was possible. He helps me unpack the box and he is used to most of the things coming into our house not belonging to him. I usually just tell the kids it is for Tribal Life and they leave it alone or help me organize, but don't beg for things. This game shipment was just too much for little Dema. He stacks them all neatly and goes through each one and says he wants them all. I say he can pick one out and maybe he might get it for his birthday which is in a few days. I don't think much of it until I notice him carrying one of the stacks of games up the stairs saying he has picked one out. I said something along the lines of "one means one and if you can't find just one then it will be none". He instinctively says in his cute happy little voice "one and none rhyme!" and then immediately falls to complete pieces at the utter cruelty of my statement. Poor guy was just a tad over "done" today. (Rob used to say when Parker was little "put a fork in him, he's done" when we could tell Parker was nearing the end of what he could take as far as stimulation or time awake, etc.)

Dema and I had some one on one (Josie was there, but in the Hotsling sleeping so it didn't count) time today while Parker had his art class at our local nature center. Dema was enjoying the boardwalk path through the trees when a little Toto (not the technically name nor the dog's actual name) dog came out of no where and joined him. I figured someone who was taking care of the dog was on the path as well, but the farther we went the more it seemed the dog did not have a human companion. Dema and the dog ran into one of the nature center staff and she picked up the dog and went off to find its human after getting the entire story plus a very long story about what he imagined the dog was doing there from Dema. At this point, I looked across the street through the trees and we were right at the entrance for the cemetery my mom is buried at so I decided we'd take a detour. Dema is obsessed with death so he had a million and one questions on the way to the grave...almost to the point that I thought it might have been a bad idea, but it was all fine. We had a good talk about death and all sorts of different things and of course my mother which is a hard topic for him because he never met her and it really annoys him that life happened prior to his being born. It was nice to be with just Dema and I must plan more time with him without Parker around. I am the youngest and while I always wanted to be with my older brother/sister, it was nice not to be in their shadow all the time as well.

Parker had a wonderful time at art class, as usual and he is learning about water colors. Rob took Parker to our favorite local art store (The Art Coop on Green St. for you locals) last night and they had a marvelous time picking out are supplies. I swear Parker has something in him right now. Even when we go to Home Depot type places, he is drawn to the paints and home decor sections. Rob bought Parker his first drawing compass and already he has drawn some pretty cool things (I'll take a picture of the monster truck when he is done with it).

We went to Y Thai (Parker insisted since he didn't get a chance to go my mom's grave that we had to go have some vegan Pad Thai in her honor) and the construction on campus is insane! Josie has continued the tradition of loving the spicy pad thai with seitan and tofu to the amazement of the staff (all of your kids actually eat it?!). We had a really nice time and chatted with the owner for so long I was sure I would get a ticket. Josie sat there hanging on every word of our conversation and I found out that the owner was at our friend Jenny's wedding so it reminded me yet again what a small, small, small town we live in. After lunch, we went to my friend Katie's house to check out her moving sale. She has a home business too and the kids love to shop there. It was crazy, but fun and we bought a HABA container to put on Parker's desk to house his drawing compass, ruler, pencils, etc. I swear this kid is the biggest joy from the neat and sweet point of view.

Oh and I didn't mean to put this tag by Katherine off, but most of the books surrounding me these days are cookbooks or less than 123 pages, what has my world come to? Well here we are the closest book...

page 123, three sentences after the fifth sentence:

A horrible stink rose to his nostrils, washing over him like the dirty water in his dream just now. Outside the mouth of the cave, the leaves of the thornbush went limp and drooped. The dragon sat up, uneasily.

Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke which was given to Parker by Sammy and Izzy on his birthday and we enjoyed reading all 523 pages out loud. We plan on checking out more of her work at the library next week. I am reading Tolstoy's The Death of Ivan Ilych, but I don't think it has 123 pages. My sister just loaned us her copy so I'm not far into it yet.

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Loretta said...

Where is Y Thai? I haven't heard of it before...and we LOVE Thai food and would enjoy checking out a new place.

I hear ya about overdone kids. I feel like we deal with that almost every day. :)

Parker is a great artist! We got lots of comments on the duck he drew for Kieran when it was on our refrigerator. I can't wait to see what he produces working with other mediums besides crayon. :)