Monday, April 14, 2008

Linda, Linda, Fo Finda - Name Meme and Vegan Planet Janet

I loaned out Veganomicon so I'm giving some attention to my other loyal cookbooks which just sit there collecting dust these days. (I walk past the shelves and I hear a little collective sigh when I keep on walking.) They are all perfectly fine cookbooks with wonderful recipes hidden within, but I like to mix it up and make new things so I tend to give attention to the cookbook of the moment. Sad, but true. The boys are with me on my quest for newness and sometimes will say "Mom, you ALREADY made this!" when I repeat even their favorite meal. Rob, on the other-hand, would probably prefer I stick with a handful of favorites, but he married me for better or worse (actually neither of these words were uttered at our wedding...I'll have to post sometime about what we DID say). This weekend I decided to favor Vegan Planet. (Planet and Janet rhyme! Sorry, Dema is rubbing off one me.)

Food, yes, that is where I was going...

Indonesian Inspired Tempeh Stew (olive oil, tempeh, shallots, garlic, I subbed red pepper flakes for the fresh hot chile, fresh ginger, sweet potato, water, crushed tomatoes, tamari, coconut milk, fresh ground black pepper and I totally forgot the fresh cilantro and lime zest, but it worked fine without it). I decided to serve this over quinoa and added the rest of the can of coconut milk to the quinoa as it cooked which made this dish even better...I will totally make this again. Tofu Vindaloo (garlic, fresh ginger, cardamom, coriander, cumin, dry mustard, cayenne, cinnamon, turmeric, olive oil, tofu, fresh ground pepper, onion, carrot, red bell pepper, diced tomatoes, green peas, water). I severed this over brown rice since I didn't have brown basmati rice. A little whole wheat naan bread on the side. This dish was also good and they were nice together. I could have gone for some leafy greens though.
I also made Anasazi Chili with Quinoa this weekend which was very good, but alas no picture. All three were from Vegan Planet.

Here is what you all were really waiting for...

Tagged by Cynthia for the Name Meme:

1. What is your name: Linda
2. A 4 letter word: late
3. A vehicle: Lemond (my favorite road bike, a hand-me-down from Rob's friend who owns a bike shop)
4. A city: LaPorte (Indiana)
5. A boy’s name: Lawrence (not that I would probably name a child this for whatever reason)
6. A girl’s name: Lavender (after reading this Rob will probably not be up for having another girl)
7. Beverage: lemonade (with was St. Martin and you do silly things on islands)
8. An occupation: lawyer (in honor of our friend Todd who is becoming one and Betsy who is one)
9. Something you wear: lipstick (or lanyard)
10. A celebrity: Lucy Lu (not even sure exactly who she is, but I like the way it sounds)
11. A food: lasagna (vegan, of course!)
12. Something found in a bathroom: lid (toilet lid which should always be down thank you very much)
13. Reason for being late: limping
14. Something you shout: Look! or Look out!
15: An animal: lemur
16. A body part: lobe (as in earlobe...cheating?)
17. Word(s) to describe yourself: lucky (likeable? loopy?)

I'll tag Four is Crazy since she claims to never get tagged in a really whiny, self-pitying sort of way. (Just jokin' A!)


Susan said...

I've never seen a Name Meme with so many parantheticals ;)) Very cute! I would also like to mention since I have started to read your blog on occasion, I've been really tempted to become a complete vegan. All your recipes sound so good and the pictures are even better! I would have no idea how to start though and I would have quite a challenge convincing dh (although we do often have vegetarian dishes and meat is not a necessity). Cheese? That's another issue ;))

Loretta said...

As always, the food looks delicious! T seems to be sensitive to tomatoes, too, so I'm avoiding them...good thing Kieran loves them--he eats all of his and mine and asks for more.

Have you made the Pasta Della California from Veganomicon? I made it the other night, and it is SO YUMMY! It is definitely going to become a part of the permanent rotation of old standbys. :) If you haven't made it yet, you should when you get your copy back. :) We did not have any leftovers the night I made it for dinner...

VeganLinda said...

I am a very paranthetical person. ;-)

I was a cheese-aholic before I went vegan. I understand. Back then there were no cheese alternatives to speak of...not that I advocate from a health standpoint eating a lot of processed vegan cheese, but it does help some people get over the hump.

Oh, and my food/pictures are nothing compared to many wonderful vegan food blogs out there!


VeganLinda said...


I was just saying to Rob the other day that I think tomatoes would be hard to avoid. Yikes!

I do love the Pasta Della California, yum! If I could only get the kids to stop eating the avocados for breakfast I could make it more. :-)