Sunday, March 2, 2008

Veggeroni Pizza and Sign of Spring

Rob made some seitan this weekend. We decided to try Fat Free Vegan's Veggeroni recipe as well as the old standby Seitan O' Greatness so we could make all things seitany this week.

Today was one of those beautiful spring days which nature throws in around February or March to keep all of us from killing ourselves. It was absolutely gorgeous and very muddy and messy since all the remaining snow melted. We spent as much time as possible outside since we know this is just a taste of spring and the weather is fleeting and fickle in the Midwest. Thus, lunch was something quick and filling and then we were back out.

Veggeroni Pizza with carrots, kalamata olives, spinach, and avocado on organic corn meal crust.

Dema also had a slice or two of Seitan O' Greatness with apple slices for a snack. I never would have put those two things together, but he assured me it was a taste sensation.We had our friend Oliver over for a little while in the morning which was so much fun and then we had a marvelous Indian feast at his house this evening. I wish I had a picture of the food because it was so great. Parker said on the way home that he would love to eat there again. Dema was fast asleep before we'd walked down the block.

Sign of Spring: Dema loosing his shoe in the mud. Silly me should have let him go without shoes since he spent a good portion of his time after this walking around in the squidgy mud...ah the feeling of mud between little toes!

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