Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Movie Review

Monday Movie Review:

The Girl in the Cafe
I watched this a couple weeks ago and didn't find time to blog about it. It was, in my humble opinion, a very worth-while film. Possibly too preachy for some, it makes some wonderful points about poverty and other world issues and how easily they are just turned into another political talking point when the reality is that lives are at stake. I think Bill Nighly and Kelly Macdonald are perfect in the lead roles. There is just enough comedy to make this film fun to see. I'm amazed how well they took weighty issues, educated the viewer, but still kept things entertaining. I highly recommend renting this one.

Gosford Park
Speaking of Kelly Macdonald, Rob's co-worker sent him home with this film. I hesitate to recommend this movie because the setting is a "shooting party". There is a scene where they shoot birds and thus not vegan friendly, but I'm hoping they didn't actually hurt any animals in the making of the film. They also have a vegetarian character (crazy American!) who won't hunt, but eats fish so...score one and take away one for that misrepresentation of what a vegetarian is...tough for a vegan to recommend. It does deal with class issues in an intelligent and witty way. I like a fun murder mystery and this fit the bill. The cast and acting were spot on. I won't give it a thumb up due to violence against animals, but if someone loans it to you, I would go ahead and watch it.


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous. I checked out The Girl in the Cafe from the library a few months ago and the dvd was unwatchable. I was bummed, but maybe I'll try again this week.

Lisa said...

Hey! It was good to see you today, even though we didn't have time to talk. Everyone looks beautiful! Yr children are scrumptious!

VeganLinda said...

Katherine, Bummer! I hope you get to see it.

Lisa, Sorry I was so anti-social. I was intent on getting some food in the kids and walking home before it started to rain. Thanks!