Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Basic Breakfast, Baked Tofuwich, Brown Casserole

Snowy day today so Parker spent a good while shoveling and then both boys worked at making a snow person, but I don't think they actually finished one. Rob is completely over snow and was a bit upset with the weather. I had fun discussing the difference between freezing rain and hail with Parker and then watching the snow.

Basic Breakfast:
I thought I should show a sample breakfast the kids eat each morning. Today it was a Weetabix biscuit with peanut butter and strawberry jam (some days it is Sunbutter or almond butter and different jams), soy yogurt with blueberries (we buy the big containers of vanilla soy yogurt and the kids add their favorite organic fruit, Parker adds more as he eats the yogurt so some mornings he eats an entire 10 oz. package of frozen berries), and oatmeal with ground flax seeds, molasses, dried apples and frozen raspberries on top (the kids like to add a variety of frozen berries to their oatmeal to cool it off).

Baked Tofu Sandwich:
I was going to post about the incredible Esme Sauce a couple of weeks ago, but the pictures are stuck on my good camera because I can't find the charger. I love this sauce for so many things, but this time I baked tofu with some of it (I make the sauce with 1/2 cup amounts so I can make pasta, bake tofu, and still have some left over). This sandwich has fresh spinach, Vegenaise, baked tofu on spouted whole wheat bread, but the boys had avocado on theirs as well (no Vegenaise for Parker...crazy health nut doesn't like it). Apples and crunchy almond butter for dipping.

Lentil and Brown Rice Casserole from Vegan Mania:
This is my first time making the casserole and I liked it, but forgot to add the optional crumbled tofu (or vegan cheese) so I'd like to try it with. I think I'll play with the recipe some since it was good, but missing something. And yet another mixed green salad (this time plain..I used to hate salad dressing so some days I still crave naked salad). I wanted to make kale or broccoli, but made cookies instead since the oven was already heated to the right temp for the casserole. I made the Chewy Oatmeal Raisin cookies from Veganomicon. I used whole wheat pastry flour and date sugar. They were perfect for my guys (especially Rob)...not too sweet and full of goodness. They dipped them in rice milk and ate half of them before calling it quits. I should try brown sugar next time. I love date sugar, but these tasted a tad too healthy for me (I still ate quite a few).


Stef said...

I am so impressed by how healthy you eat! I wish I could do it at every meal, but sometimes I just give in to the chocolate sorbet and will just eat that for lunch! I do try to have oatmeal with frozen blueberries, maple syrup and rice milk every morning with the peanut. I am going to have to work on that sweet tooth of mine if I want him to be a good eater, your guys are such amazing eaters, but the food is always so good!

VeganLinda said...

It is a lot easier to get jazzed about cooking when it is for older kids. I ate my Luna Bar lunches when Parker was a little babe. As you have seen, my house suffers, but there will be time to clean when the kids are in college.